Happy Birthday to us! And a THANK YOU to you!

A year ago today, our blog, Water For Elephants film, was born. The post was sweet and simple but it was the start of an exciting journey. This journey is nowhere close to being over. It feels like we’re in the calm before the storm actually. But we wanted to celebrate this day (and all week with giveaways if you’ve been following us on twitter) by saying THANK YOU for being supportive of our blog and sticking with us for the past year.

Enjoy these lovely WFE wallpapers made by Marina H., specifically for our readers 🙂

Click image for HQ
Click image for HQ
Click image for HQ
Click image for HQ

We also launched a collection of fan-made Water For Elephants wallpapers under ‘The Gallery’ tab in the menu bar. Click HERE to browse through the gorgeous collection.

Thank you again for being supportive readers and be sure to check our twitter today for the birthday giveaway. The winner will receive 1 Team Rosie button, 1 Team Robowski button (courtesy of Twilightbyus), 1 Team Rosie tote, and copy of Water For Elephants signed by Sara Gruen!

  • Congratulations!
    A year ago we all started follow you, cause we bet you would give us a beautiful cover and support. We won the bet, you’re the best! Keep it up and we’re very proud of you!

    Congratz to 1st year! you deserve all!!

    Hugs and kisses from Brazil and TwiBrasil team 😉

  • somanywards

    Happy Birthday 😉

  • Happy birthday!!!! This has been the most spectacular journey on earth with you kinkers. *blows party horn*

  • Alice87

    *sings Happy Birthday* Congrats guys!!!

    Love you work! Thank you so much!!! Can´t wait to get into all the WFE-Promo with you…

    btw, will there be a giveaway on the blog as well? I´m not on twitter, so…

    • we’ll keep this in mind for our giveaways closer to the release and try to figure out something through the blog

  • Where are my manners?! Thank you Marina for the gorgeous wallpapers. The gallery is awesome, too. I never ceased to be amazed by the fandom and its creativity and generosity.


  • Happy Birthday lovely kinkers and blog 🙂 Many congrats – that’s just fantastic!! Thank you soooo much for all your efforts, it really is a wonderful place here. *raises a glass* Here’s to the exciting times ahead!! 😉

    Marina – thank you so very much. Those desktops are truly stunning. Love them. 🙂

    *hugs* to all. xoxo

  • Jackie Zane

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Thanks for all you have done!! You’re amazing!! *Mwah*

  • Roblover

    Congratulation! When I found this site I found a wonderful thing. Oh, and the wallpaper art is great. Thank you.

  • Sus

    Dear Tink and all the Kinkers here!

    Thanks for providing us such a wonderful, uplifting site! You provide quality info, wallpapers, pics, etc. and I am squee-ing like a schoolgirl in anticipation of Rob and this wonderful movie!

    Keep up the great work!