“Cosmopolis will be a no doubt smash hit.”

MetroWNY had a couple of thoughtful and positive posts today about Cosmopolis. The first excerpt touched on the benefit of having Paul Giamatti in the limo:

Giamatti is a very accomplished actor who can help Robert Pattinson is more ways than most people might think.

With the star power of Robert Pattinson and the accomplished acting skills and name recognition that Paul Giamatti brings to the table, Cosmopolis will be a no doubt smash hit.

The next excerpt discusses Pattinson’s potential in the role of Eric Packer and what this movie could mean for his career.

When's this coming out? ;)

What we don’t know is if he can play the role of action star.

Granted the role in Cosmopolis is not exactly the role of John McClane in the Die Hard series but nonetheless it will still be considered an action/suspense movie which is unlike anything he has done before. Please don’t tell me that the Twilight movies are action films because they are not. They are fantasy films and are nothing like a true action/suspense movie. Cosmopolis gives Robert Pattinson a chance to show that not only can he play any role but he can do it better than anyone else.

If Pattinson can turn Cosmopolis into a hit then he will be right up there with Johnny Depp as far as the greatest actors currently in the movies. While not everything is within Robert’s control, as the writing will be the most important factor as to whether or not the movie is a success, he can be the difference between Cosmopolis being a good movie and it being a blockbuster hit.

Giamatti still being attached to Cosmopolis is nothing but positive and Pattinson will surely strengthen his resume and acting skills by working with Cronenberg and Giamatti. Can’t wait to get more information on the cast and crew 🙂 Click the sources to read the articles in their entirety.

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  • rpattzgirl

    “Cosmopolis gives Robert Pattinson a chance to show that not only can he play any role but he can do it better than anyone else.”
    Yep, couldn’t agree more….

    • wasnt that great 🙂 i love positive words from people outside the bubble.

  • dazzledtodeath

    It’s exciting to see this film getting positive buzz already, and even more exciting that people are starting to see Rob as a legitimate actor outside of Twilight.

  • Oh, this makes me so happy! 🙂

  • All Rob needs is to prove not only to the world but mostly to himself that he can make a quality film and not be stuck with the teen sensation stamp most Hollywood rags usually sticks to him. And this film will be that, I’m sure of it. And knowing Rob, he will no doubt throws his body and soul for this even if it means going to gym more and eating less hot pockets.

    • The media ridicules him because they didn’t make him. They had nothing to do with his success. They hate him because he has made them irrelevant. Now when he’s on one of their shows the ratings go up. He makes them.

      The object makes you. This I know.

  • Marina H.

    Yay!! This is exciting! The more support this film can gain, the better!

    I’m happy that sources are giving Rob the benefit of the doubt at this stage of production. This choice is obviously a good move for his career!

  • He will be perfect in it. Not to worry.

  • Smitten

    Robert Pattinson is a great actor. I have seen all of his movies and I hope the critics will judge him fairly. He has true talent and is intelligent not just a pretty face. I am reading Cosmopolis right now, RP will do a good job, can’t wait!!!!!

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  • Aussiegirl

    What Rob needs is success outside of the Twilight franchise. And by that I mean financial success. Bottom line success. He has had this with Remember Me but it was small scale. Cosmopolis is most certainly a clever, thoughtful and shrewd choice for him. It is no guarantee of a pay off but the signs are very good. This will not propel him into Johnny Depp ‘greatest actor’ territory but it will give him a very good nudge in the right direction. It will also bring him industry credibility through working with respected, established people like Cronenberg and Giamatti. It is all part of his greater evil plan to take over the world. Slowly. Year by year. He doesn’t want to be a flash in the pan … he wants to build slowly, manfully … sorry … what was I saying?

    • He has financial success. Now he won’t have to think about it.

  • Kim

    Funny thing is a few years ago, a guy friend of mine mentioned Dellillo and made that bottle/sunglasses statement. I laughed and thought it off the wall, but guys will probably really like this movie. I’d say 4+ reasons already, not to mention the billionaire status.
    Maybe we need a few guys in the limo here and they can give us their take on all of it!

    • Each sexual encounter Eric has is different and more in depth than the one before. He sees Elise better after Jane.

    • And read Elise through The Little Prince. So beautiful.