Poll: Dream Cast – Didi Fancher Edition

UPDATE: Michelle Pfeiffer was our poll winner! We had some fantastic write-in noms including, Gretchen Mol, Helen Hunt, me, Sharon Stone, Tea Leoni, Jane Lynch and Naomi Watts. It’s a great role and I think we’re all looking forward to who might be cast. You guys had great comments – can’t wait for next time… (Pastry Assassin or Jane??? Hmmm) Happy Super Bowl Sunday! #GoSteelers
She put a hand to his chest, self-dramatically, to determine he was here and real. Then they began to stumble and clutch, working toward the bedroom. They hit the doorpost and bounced. One of her shoes began to angle off but she could not shake free and he had to kick it away. He pressed her against the wall drawing, a minimalist grid executed over several weeks by two of the artist’s adjutants working with measuring instruments and graphite pencils. Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo


Who should roll around with Packinson?

I’ve already confessed to being obsessed with the female characters in Cosmopolis. Elise, Jane, Kendra and Vija are vividly written and their encounters with Eric reveal so much about his character – the good, the bad and the intensely sexual. Didi’s encounter with Eric is also intense and revealing. She, however, is not as well described as the other women; we get her age, a blonde reference and Eric himself referring to her as “gorgeous”. Let the Dream Casting begin! 😉

“Here lies Didi. Trapped in all the old puritanisms.” He rolled belly down and they lay close, hips and shoulders touching. He licked along the rim of her ear and put his face in her hair, rooting softly. Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo


So… Didi, the “47 year old scorched blonde”. I googled “scorched blonde”. Got ONE hair result and a bunch of Rob sites talking about this movie. (Tink at Robsessed! Holla!) I still don’t know what scorched blonde means. *shrug* Here’s some of the names that I’ve seen in our discussion groups and on Twitter, plus one or two of my own ideas. There’s an age range here between 39 and 52 because I’m not sure how much they’ll push the “older woman” issue. Didi is sensitive, artistic, motherly. She seems sophisticated but also naive, a bit vulnerable in a way. “I miss things,” she says, along with, “I missed that. I miss a lot.”

Let’s see our contenders… in no particular order…

Michelle Pfeiffer

A little caveat: this is just for fun. We don’t know if Cronenberg will go with “unknowns” for these roles or if they might be quirky cameos. (I can’t wait to dream cast Vija… and Jane… I love imagining different people in these roles!) We don’t have any idea if these ladies are available or even know about/want a role in this film. I repeat: just for fun.

Add your own pick in comments 🙂 You guys have no idea how close I came to adding Betty White to this poll.

  • Eileen

    I can totally see Michelle Pfeiffer in the role of the arty Didi, but what about Sharon Stone?! Saw Rob and Sharon in Cannes at AmFa and they looked pretty hot together.

    • I thought of Sharon Stone too. I think Rob’s afraid of her though 😉

      When I was reading this scene I could not get Gwyneth Paltrow out of my head but I wouldn’t really want her for the role. She’s too young anyway.

      • Marina H.

        That’s who i was picturing too!! I thought about that this morning when I was driving.

      • Eileen

        Ha, ha, ha, you are right, he looked a little bit afraid, but I don’t know if this was because of Sharon or the odd auction. Sharon can be pretty intimidating, but still I believe she would make a great Didi.

    • Sharon would be good!

  • rpattzgirl

    Diane Lane….2nd choice Laura L…

  • Marina H.

    Oh man these are all REEALLYYY good choices. And such great actresses!

    I voted for Diane Lane because I feel like that’s who would mesh with Rob the best, but my favorite actress on that list is Patricia Clarkson. I love her.

    I wish Didi played a bigger role in the book, I’d love for her to have more screen time.

    • I know, we only get the one scene. And, ahem, I thought you were voting for me? LOL *registers with SAG* I haven’t voted yet, I’m stuck between Michelle Pfeiffer and Laura Linney.

      • Marina H.

        I would have voted for you, were you in the poll, silly!!

        You’re just so ssillieeeee.

        Srsly though. You’d be perfect.

        Everyone? Chauffeur Deb for Didi!!

        • Aussiegirl

          You are SOOOOO fickle #aussiewasonthecastingcouchfirst

  • Kim

    My pick would be Diane Lane or Laura Linney. I think they have that softness and warmth appeal.
    They both have that motherly, yet artsy look to them! Ha!

    • Aussiegirl

      I totally agree. But I have to say that is a bunch of classy babes to choose from isn’t it?

  • Annie

    Debb24601 is not on the list!

  • robsexme

    The actress that immediately came to mind when I read “scorched blonde” is Gretchen Mol. I really like her; she can be stern yet vulnerable at the same time, but she is too young for the role. O.o how about as Jane? How old is she? Hmmm
    I had a difficult time choosing between Diane Lane, Laura Linney and Michelle Pfieffer. I think all three can do a stand-out performance in this role or me? bahaaaaaaaaw #Iwish

    • I looked at Gretchen Mol and Christina Applegate too. Gretchen is lovely, very easy to picture as Didi but I think (hope) they’ll really use an actress 20 years older than Rob.

  • My choice of the ladies here is Diane Lane. I thought of Ellen Barkin immediately but she’s more like 30 years older so that could get a little creepy. :-/

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Mira Sorvino – too young

    Laura Linney – great actress but not particularly sexy enough IMHO

    Kim Basingter – not a good enough actress

    Patricia Clarkson – nah, just don’t see her

    Michelle Pfeiffer — too much plastic surgery

    Diane Lane – FTW!!

    A choice I don’t see? Elizabeth Shue – absolutely terrific as the hooker with Nicolas Cage in “Leaving Las Vegas” – great underrated actress

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    By the way, I’m still willing to do the Kendra role.

    • LMAO! Okay, so I’ll play Didi, you play Kendra. Done! *high five* On to Jane…

      • BewitchedByRob

        Since Jane is up for grabs, I’ll gladly play her… #itsadirtyjobbutsomeonehastodoit #bottlefuck /

        • Kim

          Grin…I can’t stop laughin………tears are rollin…..

      • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

        Deb *fistbump*

      • apotampkin

        OK I bet I’m the only one here is is exactly 19 years older than Rob, which is the Didi/Eric age gap, therefore I am the most qualified to play didi! Bugger acting skills… I’ll use method acting!!! he he he

    • Kim

      OK I’ll vote for you and you vote for me.
      Really what’s the chances for an unknown actress to play Didi?
      Slim to none or none to slim. How hard could it really be?
      I guess a screen test tells you if the camera likes you or not.
      Marina and Deb/sign us up for our screen tests……….

      Chauffers/Luvin my daily ride in the limo!

  • From the sounds of it, any number of actresses could pull this off. Of the above choices my pick would be Diane Lane.

    I’ve always wanted Rob to work with Jennifer Connelly (to represent my age range) but just read she is pregnant.

    Other choices…
    Helen Hunt
    Gwenyth Paltrow
    Julianne Moore–add some blonde streaks and maybe that is ‘scorching?’
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    and I’m loving DebbieCDC’s pick of Elisabeth Shue! Love her!
    but I could see someone like Demi Moore going after a role like this too.

    • Aussiegirl

      Julieanne Moore would be AMAZING. She can do that combination of wordly and childlike to perfection. Another suggestion … Toni Collette? A bit young but she can pull off any age.

      • Helen Hunt, Julianne Moore and Toni Collette are awesome editions!!! I like your description of “worldly and childlike”. 🙂

        • apotampkin

          I don’t really like Helen Hunt and yet I can imagine her playing this part… although she would have to be glammed up a bit because did is glam.. no?

  • Aussiegirl

    *Bouncing* Please? Please? Please? Can we cast the Pastry Assassin next? That role is either going to be complete farce or the potential scene stealer of the whole movie. Please? *more bouncing*

    • *big grin* It sounds like you might have an idea or two. I FLOVE this part of the book, a meaningful but still comedic break. God help me, I pictured an actual chef, with a moustache, kerchief around his neck and a chef’s hat. Have I mentioned my problem with taking things lit’rally?? *sad chauffeur*

      • robsexme

        me too! me too! you mean he’s not?! LOL *sad me*

        • Kim

          I am now lost, lost, lost! You mean the pie that gets his face?

      • Kim

        Yep/there has to be some comedy in here ya think, cause I have had some laughs amidst the darkness!

  • They are all perfect. Her character:

    She is indifferent, something Elise doesn’t know how to be and so can’t be.
    She knows how to “see”, how to “look”, and she has taught Eric that. If you don’t understand and want to know then John Berger’s Ways of Seeing and his About Looking. These two short books will give you the essence of a degree in art history, altho it’s fun to take one.

    She also knows exactly what art experience Eric needs at any given moment of his development. Today she tells him he needs that Rothko. He is experiencing doubt. Therefore, Rothko. If you don’t know Rothko then you can’t really understand what she is saying to him. Go google him and find out. You can bet the farm that Rob will look and go to the Rothko Chapel in Houston if he can. The paintings are deteriorating there from light. Mischievous of De Lillo to put in that Eric wants the entire chapel to put in his 48 rooms 104 million apartment complex. If you didn’t know that about the paintings you would miss that. That’s what really good novel professors do when you study the novel with them. Foucault and Baudrillard do that for me and I am in heaven when I get to those parts. This is what Didi has done for Eric. But she perfunctorily gets dressed after sex and hunts for her shoe under the bed, while Eric wants to keep exploring her ass. She then interprets to him. He doesn’t need an analyst, he has Didi. And sex.

    • To bad Rothko’s not alive to play Didi.

    • Kim

      Well said/all of that. Explain some more of the art and do they say in the book what her occupation is? Must be in the arts has she just had some linear drawing done inside, right?

      • An art historian friend of mine was doing a thesis on him I think and went to see him in his studio in New York. She loved him but said he was so sensitive it was painful to her. He suicided. His paintings are like floating colors, the kind you would see if you looked at a color for a long time and then looked at a white wall to get the negative after image. You know how that just floats and glows for you. That’s the way a Rothko looks. I’ve never been to the Chapel. Set up by John and Dominique de Menil, who wrote that book on the turnover of India by the UK. Also that film with Patrick Swayze as the doctor in Calcutta or Bombay. But it’s sad that his paintings are deteriorating. They are huge and very fragile.

  • apotampkin

    I can’t decide between Michelle, Diane or Kim. I originally imagine Kim in the role but then she plays that kind of role a bit too much.

    So…. Michelle Pfeiffer for me… she does arty/vulnerable/worldly wise so well.

    I imagine a scorched blonde in new york would be all botoxed-up so that’s fine…

    Can we please do Jane???? I really see Jane Lynch in this part – no idea how old she’s supposed to be, and Jane Lynch might be too old but have you seen her in the 40 year old virgin talking about sex?? That’s just what I picture Jane in Cosmopolis being like.

  • I voted for Diane Lane … love her! Remembering scenes in “Unfaithful” … hawt! 2nd choice would be Laura Linney. 🙂 Great poll Deb! {smooches} <3

  • Tea Leoni terribly underrated.

    • I ADORE Tea Leoni and I’m kicking myself I didn’t think of her in time for the poll. She’s my write-in vote too.

      • Tami

        I don’t like her. But maybe it’s b/c I’m a Mulder and Scully fan 😀
        hahha 😉

  • Tami

    Kim is already met Pattinson 😀
    But i prefer Michelle Pfeiffer.

  • LTavares2011

    This team of ladies is awesome!! I have a crush on Michelle. She is superb. It would be a dream coming true seeing her working with Rob.
    Laura and Patricia are both great actresses, mainly Patricia who is very sexy! Kim and Diane are very good too.
    I would like to suggest Naomi Watts. She worked with Cronenberg in Eastern Promises and she always impresses me. She is sexy, talented, smart and misterious at the same time. I would love to see her working with Rob someday.

    • Excellent choice! Naomi Watts would be great as Didi!

      • apotampkin

        Oooh Naomi would be perfect!!!!

    • Loisada

      I am days late to this party, but absolutely… I think Watts could do this very well. But my dream choices are Maria Bello or even better Robin Wright. Her career stagnated for far too long under the weight of her personal life but she’s roaring back with a vengeance and has 4 movies in the works right now. She is a lovely actress with great gravitas on screen.

  • Marina H.

    Pastry Assassin!!! That’s my vote 🙂

  • Kim

    Call me in the mornin about the casting….I think cast out of hollywood, cause people want to see new blood anyway…it must be so hard………

  • Maria Bello. Madonna.