He’s Baaaaaack. Paul Giamatti (re)listed on Cosmopolis IMDb

Hope it sticks this time. We chauffeurs are pretty heavily invested in Paul Giamatti as Benno – no dream casting needed, he’s the man.  

Combining this with the video of Paul talking Cosmopolis (and stalking Robert Pattinson) at Sundance and it seems like a done deal. Still, imdb has been giving us whiplash lately. I got to thinking about the Golden Globes. Paul won Best Actor (musical or comedy) for his performance in “Barney’s Version”, a movie with strong Canadian connections and he had these lovely things to say during his acceptance speech. Methinks he like Canada.

Rob turns the tables and stalks Paul…

“An incredible beautiful city which I dream about,” Giamatti said.

“An incredible place in a great nation, Canada. And I salute the great nation of Canada.”

At the time, I thought he was speaking in code. “I can’t wait to work in Canada again – with a Canadian director. It will be great because Canada is great. I wish I could confirm Cosmopolis to everyone right now.”

Paul and Keira Knightley aren’t yet listed on Alfama’s site so we continue to wait for official word. I wonder if Chauffeur M would make a “Paul with a towel on his head” paper for next Friday?? 😉


  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I hope so, he’s perfect for Benno!

  • Marina H.

    Lol…who wants Paul on a wallpaper! Raise your hand!

    This is exciting news!! He’s such a good actor! Yay! Happy Friday to us!

    • robsexme

      Oh yes! I totally picture Paul as Benno. Great news. If I haven’t mentioned before now I love all your wallpapers. You have my vote! Doooooooo it! 😀

    • ignore Chauffeur Deb…she’s been standing too close to the exhaust pipe.

    • Loisada

      Frantically waving two hand and ten fingers, along with two feet squiggly toes!

      Paul already laid much of the bedrock for this character with Harvey Pekar (rush out to watch American Splendor). He is almost too perfect for Benno!

      And AS reminds me of the wonderful Hope Davis. She has never shown the sexual sizzle that Didi probably needs, but she could play the role of the older sexual and spiritual mentor extremely well.

  • This makes me SO very excited, he’s perfect!