Fan-art: Cosmopolis inspired wallpapers

RobsButtonsBabe created this new Cosmopolis wallpaper layering elements from the novel. Nancy Babich!

Click image to grab HQ

This is an older wallpaper by Dreamy but it has a good Eric Packer vibe before we even knew him 🙂

Click image to grab HQ
  • I like the second one, the first I find funny coz of the comb & scissors. Now if you could incorporate prostate exam or vodka licking (with or without the genitals) to the next set of wallpapers that would be genius!

  • Marina H.

    I absolutely LOVE both of these papers!! The first one is so unique! I’m making it my desktop right now! I love that image of Eric and NYC in Dreamy’s paper. Beautiful.

    Great work!!

  • Eric wanted a haircut. 🙂 They’re both awesome. Love all the art inspired by Eric. RAWR!

  • Kim

    Both are wonderful/gives you an image when reading!

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    My girl @Uber_Vamp & I think alike – bring on the vodka baby!