Cosmopolis book discussion: The limo picks up late-comers


Good morning limo riders. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Eric Packer: He MUST be discussed.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some general discussion about Cosmopolis as a whole, had some stuff  ‘splained to us and had some fun debating how um, fucked up Eric Packer is. The chauffeurs are thrilled with the enthusiatic response and can’t wait to pick up the conversation again!

Now, word on the street (that’s what we’re calling Twitter now 😉 ) is that lots of you are still reading or just finishing up your first read of Cosmopolis. That’s okay. I thought instead of a getting into a detailed topic today we could have kind of a round two. *brief daydream about Remember Me* Sorry about that. Yeah, another round to give everyone a chance to catch up, ask questions, and thoroughly interpret and appreciate Eric’s symbolically losing his clothing throughout the day. That’s right, it’s not some sort of peep show, it has meaning.  

So, the limo glides slowly along, picking up those who’ve missed earlier discussions. Hop in, grab a bottle of water and a pair of sunglasses. For the love of Eric leave the rubber gloves alone. Here are a few of the things we talked about previously.

Lit'rally just got my copy today.

A favourite line…

A favourite scene…

Your general thoughts. Did you like it? Will you read more DeLillo? What do you think of Eric? Any themes jump out at you?

Is there a character you relate to? Who and why? Ask your questions too!

Here’s the poll again, if you missed last week.

Here are links to the previous discussions, if you’re interested. Day 1, Day 2, Topic: Destruction, Topic: Sex (lol at how much that will be clicked) We’re starting fresh here with the newbies – leave your comments here to make the discussion easier to follow. 🙂

See you in the comments, I mean, the limo. 😉

  • rpattzgirl

    Same feelings…although I may read it again to keep it fresh…
    Eric is complicated, paranoid, yet takes so many risks…he seems like a contradiction of himself..
    He has everything and nothing…
    Fav scene is stil with DiDi…

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I am going to re-read it. I confess I raced thru it the first time in excitement of Rob playing Eric. Now I want to go back and give it more time and attention and really absorb more of the nuance.

    I also have an excuse that I was working on my first-ever Rob vid at the same time I was reading Cosmopolis, so my attention was definitely diverted. But the vid is finished finally (YEAH!) and uploaded on YouTube (can I pimp myself here?) LOL!

    Back into the limo I go for round 2!

    • Ahem, will you be making a Packinson video??? *opleaseopleaseoplease* I’d love to see your vid!

      I hear you ladies, I’m rereading the REAL book, finally. I originally read the pdf file and ::blush:: I missed the whole first Benno chap. I can’t read on the computer, I’m constantly distracted by… Rob. Anyway, one of the lines that I’m looking forward to in the movie is when Torval is telling Eric about the threat in the street and says, “not yours, his” and Eric says “who the fuck is his?” I don’t know why but that gets me. Shows so much arrogance but also the cadence of it is very New York.

      I’m still loving the scene with Didi. I’m liking the scene with Kendra more this time, it’s reading more playful than I’d originally thought.

      What a trip the funeral scene is going to be!! I hope they shoot THAT in Toronto and that I can get into the background… 😉

  • Eileen

    Although I’m not “new” in the limo I’d like to comment.
    1. There are a few lines I absolutely love and it’s very difficult to make a choice. The following line was one of the few that put a smile on my face: “If this makes me sexier then where are you going” and the next one, because I’ll surely die in the cinema hearing it coming from Rob’s mouth: “I want to bottle-fuck you slowly with my sun-glasses on”.
    2. Again there are a lot of great scenes, but I think the scene in the limo where Eric is flirting with Jane, while having his prostate examined by the doctor, is my favorite, because it’s extremely odd. It should be very uncomfortable, but instead it’s hot and I’ve never read anything like it before.
    3. Rob challenges me to read books I would never have touched if it weren’t for him. I love to get out of my safety zone and try something different and I’m very glad I read Cosmopolis, because it surprised me in a positive way, but this doesn’t mean I have suddenly become a fan of DeLillo.
    Eric is so f*cked up that it’s hard to like or dislike him. I think over all I feel sorry for the guy. He may be a genius, but he doesn’t know anything about the simple things in life. He is so disconnected with the world, other people and his own feelings. He misses a lot of possibilities and has the courage to commit suicide, but doesn’t have the courage to live an imperfect live. I do understand this in a way, because I know that control-freaks want to do everything perfect and if there’s something they can’t do perfect they prefer not doing it at all.
    4. The only person in the book I relate to is Didi. She is about my age and I totally get the older woman/younger man relationship. Having occasional hot wall sex , tender moments and intimate talks with the handsome Eric (Rob) in bed is something that sounds very attractive to me.

  • Kim

    Ditto to the above 4 comments!
    I think this is going to be a fun movie for him and a little dreary emotionally.
    However I think there needs to be some comedy to lighten it up and pull us all in.

    I’m going to reread it also, if time allows. With the discussions here I think I’ll understand it better.
    Yes Didi is one of the favorite scenes, probably because we like Eric and want to see him happy, contented.
    We want him to have a sense of normalcy for his life that is so unreal to the rest of us!

    I hope they do some flashbacks or something, maybe to show he was normal at some previous point.

  • Alice87

    *looks for the limo to come around the corner*

    OMG! You guys have saved me a seat??? Cool! *hops in next to Eric*

    so… I´ve started the book last Wednesday, and I´m still only on page 93. It´s a slow read for me.
    That doesn´t mean that it´s boring or something, it´s just… heavy. I really want to understand the dark, sometimes crazy and complex tone of Cosmopolis. I´ve never read a story like this before…
    I mean the theme, the way of writing, etc. But I like slightly “weird” books, so, yeah….

    As for the questions:
    1.A favourite line (of what I´ve read so far), is:
    “You grip it. You choke it.” “It’s sexual tension.”

    2. A favourite scene:
    the scene/situation between Jane & Eric… OMFG! I´ll die if they´re really showing this in the movie!

    3. Did you like it?
    yeah, I´m kinda surprised of myself, but I really DO like it!

    4. Will you read more DeLillo?
    I really don´t know it yet. I guess I´ll have to wait till I´ve finished Cosmopolis. What about you?
    Do you want to read more from him?

    5. What do you think of Eric?
    hmm… what do I think of him?
    I have mixed feelings. A LOT of them. I mean I´m annoyed, I´m shocked, even a bit scared. But I´m also
    fascinated by him. I want to know if he´s real… If he´s a real person, you know?

    I think I need some more reading time to answer the rest of the questions… *wink*

    P.S. Love today´s Packinson Pic! Thank you!

  • robsexme

    *jumps in the limo; grabs a bottle of water* Hey there! I’m all hot & sweaty from running to catch the limo today! *eyes Eric up n down* 😉

    I read Cosmopolis once and then re-read some passages after reading some of the previous insightful comments on here. Many peoples comments here have helped me understand Eric’s journey so much better. 🙂

    My favorite line is “I’m a world citizen with a NY pair of balls”
    I really want to hear Rob say this line while he hoists his well genetilia in his hands #perv
    Did I win again Deb? Yes?! *jumpy claps*

    I don’t think I want to see Eric getting a prostate exam .. eww .. oh unless we get a view of the RobButt or side butt? just before the er exam #brightside but I do want to see the scene between Eric & his Chief of Finance, Jane Melman. #sexual tension & great quotes:
    “You are sloppy bodied, smelly and wet. A woman who was born to sit strapped in a chair while a man tells her how much she excites him.”
    Jane: “Say the words.”
    “I want to bottle fuck you with my sunglasses on.”
    Gah! I really want to know who’s going to play the role of Jane!

    I also especially enjoy reading the scene between Eric & Elise laying nude on the ground completely exposed & really seeing each other for the first time. It’s is very moving & then of Eric standing outside Benno’s door comtemplating about the gun & kicking the door in … “does he (Torval) say her name everytime he fires a shot ..”Nancy Babich” …”

    Eric’s character is perplexing to me.. he makes me want to hug him, love him, hate him, lick him, jump him & run from him all at once. Rob’s got a lot of guts for tackling this role. #intense
    I’ve never enjoyed listening to a book on audio but I’m thinking of listening to this on audio next.. I do believe I enjoy it that much! Ok enough of my ramblings; now I really gotta run! Laters!
    *jumps out the limo*

    • Marina H.

      LMAO!! “Hey there! I’m all hot & sweaty from running to catch the limo today!”


      I love everything you’ve said up there. LUHVE!

  • De Lillo’s Libra on Oswald is a wonder. Earlier De Lillo so it’s not like Cosmopolis, more mainstream. De Lillo’s take on the JFK assassination and the back story of Oswald.

  • Am reading (William) Burroughs Live that contains all his interviews from 1960 until his death in ’97 I think it was. He worked closely with Cronnenberg going to Tangier to search out locations for Naked Lunch to be xeroxed in the studio in Canada. He liked Cronnenberg a lot and liked his far out work very much. When Burroughs likes someone’s work that is a fine compliment. IN a general way he commented on the difference between the film and a book and said they are two different animals. That they shouldn’t be compared to each other. The film Naked Lunch was not his book, it was different and just as true. So he said. If Cronnenberg can work successfully with Burroughs then he can with De Lillo.

    • Marina H.

      That’s a really cool discovery! Here’s hoping Cronenberg can portray De Lillo’s vision with his help. If they have to cut out certain elements, having close communication with the author will help smooth over the holes in the story.

    • i know im nitpicking but one ‘n’…Cronenberg. carry on 🙂

      • Marina H.

        do de dooo….*edits*

  • Loisada

    First I want to say that I’m sorry for playing hooky for the past week, as I really appreciate the great work the chauffeurs are doing by keeping this limo running! The events in Egypt have thrown quite a cog my routine and kept me enthralled, as I imagine they have De Lillo and Cronenberg (Mubarak is a case study all to himself when it comes to the art of elaborately staged fake worlds, but his people aren’t buying the show any more.)

    I enjoyed the book very much, and am eager to reading White Noise. I’m actually very surprised DeLillo never crossed my radar before, as Cosmopolis is dedicated to Paul Auster, whose work I admire. The links between the two deserve further probing (most certainly of the Dr. Ingram kind… we are in Cronenberg territory after all!)

    I haven’t read through the “sex thread” yet, but I’m interested in the relationship between men and women in the book. I get the feeling that the short synopsis of the book/movie (billionaire cheats on his wife of 21-days, has sex with his mistress and bodyguard, etc.) could leave many potential movie goers thinking that Eric uses women.

    The women are all Eric’s “lovers” of a sort, physically and emotionally, and fulfill a broad range of functions for him: inspirer, advisor, teacher, mother, mentor, protector, succorer, sublimater, and finally true “partner”…) I don’t think he takes any more than he gives.

    I don’t really see Eric as fucked up, as many are saying. I see him more as a man living in a fucked up world searching desperately for some kind of authenticity. A man who is overflowing with knowledge, but has no answers… other than to tear the whole system down. A suicide bomber of sorts. Except that he is not killing innocents (Torval aside…. Torval is symbolic, not a simple murder, “Torval did not match the pattern”), he’s destroying money and sacrificing himself. And I do see his suicide as a sacrifice. Not in the tradition of Jesus letting himself be led to slaughter (that would be too easy, still working this out)…. but still a sacrifice.

    As I said last week, this book is an indictment of a system, not the simple story of one man. He’s not just George Soros or Bernie Madoff, he’s entire generation of “money men” who need to wake up… as Eric does. And poor devil, he cannot go back to sleep again.

    “Sleep failed him more often now, not once or twice a week but four times, five….. There was no answer to the question. …. “