Keira Knightley out! Who’s going to be our Elise Shifrin?!

Bye was short and sweet :)


Keira Knightley will not be appearing in David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis”, the actress’s reps confirmed to us today. Knightley’s name was brought into the casting conversation following some eagle-eyed fans seeing her name listed alongside star Robert Pattinson’s on the production company’s website. When the internet exploded with the news, her name was quickly removed and her reps declined to comment on her involvement until today, with a solid “she’s not in it”.

Update via The Playlist:

Reps for Knightley confirm the Up and Comers report stressing that she was never actually “on” the project.

Well….where do we go from here? We’ve already dream-casted Elise. Emily Blunt won our poll. offered their own thoughts as well. Do our new limo riders have any additional suggestions? A known actress? Unknown? How do you feel about Knightley being Nancy Babich’d? This MUST be discussed. Who will be Eric Packers wife…

  • rpattzgirl

    I wasn’t totally vested in her, so I’m over it already. Can’t Marion push that kid out sooner? But now I’m stumped..she can’t be just anyone…

    • i agree. i wasnt committed. im only committed to one really. and yeah…she can’t just be anyone…elise is so pivotal.

  • I’m ambivalent. I like Keira and I think she would’ve been great buuuuuut the word ‘ethereal’ doesn’t come to mind. If I had to pick right now I’d say Abbie Cornish. Or the girl who played Fleur Delacoeur…

    • Marina H.

      *gasp* Ooooh Fleurrrrr!! That’s a good one, she’s luhvlee!

  • I want Rachel McAdams to play Elise. Please, you’d make my dream come true.

  • Red_Headed_Lust

    Can I volunteer?

  • I’d like Rachel playing ‘Elise’, c’mon, she’s an amazing actress and i’m not just saying that, besides, she’s beautiful and as I said before, you’d make my dream come true, seriously. I wanna see Rob and Rachel together on a movie.

  • LTavares2011

    I agree with Daniela. I`d love to see Rachel McAdams and Rob together but I also think Carey Mulligan would be a great choice. Abbie Cornish is fine.
    Marion, Keira… My black list is growing up… Nothing more I have to say.

    • Carey isn’t beautiful enough.

      • LTavares2011

        Oh, yes I agree, she is so much more than this, she is very talented, inteligent, elegant, attractive, sophisticated and she has grace and charm at same time, a bit of mistery and her eyes are very expressive and intense.

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  • Kim

    I was actually into Kiera for the Elise role. I think she has that aloofness and dismissal thing down pat.
    And the two would probably have some chemistry between them, but who knows we’re just dreaming here right?! Who’s that actress that is kinda princess like? Do you guys see that she is princess like, this character?
    I get the feeling that these two were sort of forced into the marriage thing, a convenience of wealth.

  • MPV

    I still want Marion!!!
    but Kiera replacing her was a great option too .. now now, it is not good press when so many actors jump out of the project (I can imagine in the next hours and tomorrow many articles saying Marion and Kiera don´t want to work with Rob because he is a bad actor etc etc)
    can I dream with Eva Green? she is impressive in The Dreamers.. or Olivia Wilde? I have not seen her outside House or Tron, but Olivia and Rob looked great in the GG 😀

    • LTavares2011

      Yes, you can. Eva Green is marvellous. I love her stare. It is so strong. Beautiful and talented woman.

  • apotampkin

    Oh wow they suggested Abby Cornish! She was my pick too!! Hooray… if only this actually meant something…. but they don’t listen to us do they….

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    Abby Cornish would be great I think. Maybe Cary Mulligan but I’m not convinced.

    I agree with MPV above – the “critics” are going to be all over this saying look at all these actresses bailing because they don’t want to work with Rob. We all KNOW that’s what the “official” hollywood line will be. I’d love to hear Cronenberg come out with a big fuck off once this bullshit starts.

    • MPV

      Cronenberg works with a “fuck off” attitude toward HW in general, he does films that he knows are hard to distribute and not commercial, but he does what he likes, that is why I love Rob working with him.
      But the snark this little movie sites bloggers have toward Rob is so tiring, and this just gives them one more thing to write about when the Kiera casting in the film news is nothing more than a mess between the film production company listing her before confirming and the fandom in general that shares too fast with out noticing gossip blogs and moviesite blogs feed from the fandom, instead of actual news.

  • Dee

    Well Marion is pregs right ??? and due late spring so that solves that and they are saying Kiera was never officially on the project so screw the critics and screw the haters . As long as there is one name on there that’s all that matters to me 😉
    I think he can work with anyone and the sparks will fly…umm…. yeah Little Ashes almost killed me lol

    • apotampkin

      Did you see some of the other fansites… they are suggesting Kristen for the role…. seriously… some people just can’t let go can they?!?!?

      • Dee

        That’s ridiculous !!!! Time to move along people!!!

      • MPV

        Geez, they are Edward and Bella right now…
        just as an example, Kate and Leo (with the epic chemistry) waited 10 years to make another project together.
        the fandom is so ridiculous sometimes, I think R/K would appreciate to be treated as individuals in their professionals lives.

        • great reference (kate and leo). i actually love seeing male/female costars reuniting onscreen but it needs to be appropriate. my favorite is probably tom hanks and meg ryan. im a huge fan of joe vs. the volcano and beyond 😉

          i like the complete 180 kate and leo took with revolutionary road. i was curious about love and other drugs for the same reason. the 180 from anne and jake’s previous role together.

          let’s see…i love the classic folks as well. tracy/hepburn. i love this cheesy movie newman & woodward did: a new kind of love. i adore that film.

          im really off topic because i can chat movies for a bit LOL anywho…i’d be open to R/K doing another movie together because i’ve always enjoyed watching the dynamics of past costars in new roles…but not now. not this. no way. not with twilight so dominant and Rob trying to redefine himself.

          • MPV

            HW always tries to reunite what once worked great, not only with actors playing great couples in movies, but also those playing “sidekicks” friends. So it is obvious producers will want them to work again, but no one is crazy enough to propose R or K to do it now, if casted together too soon, any movie, no matter the story, would turn into a Twilight spin-off.
            I loved what Leo and Kate did in Revolutionary Road, it was just the opposite of what would have been expected of them and it was great.
            I forgot the others examples, great mentions there, love Tom and Meg too, they were amazing but in their case they did the most traditional, staying in what put them together the first time: comedy.

          • regarding tom and meg: yeah that worked well for them. staying with the comedy. i loved all 3 of their movies.

            another pairing that dawned on my was Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and then Richard Gere and Diane Lane. good male/male or female/female repeats out there too. Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. cant think of women right now. this is a very random train of thought and late at night. lol

    • yeah only one name matters to me too 😉 elise is important but the story is not one surrounding a romantic relationship with her. there are so many elements of equal importance. but the media (most of which don’t fully know the story) will make it about Rob and his onscreen wife. like this is some feel good romance. pfft.

      • Kim

        OF course it will be romance you know whatever sells and it will sell!!

  • Darja

    I still want Marion or Keira. Oh god please.
    I don´t know maybe Carey Mulligan, Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Scarlett Johansson… i don´t know maybe Leighton?

    • Kim

      Scarlett Johansson is definitely a versatile actress, she should be in this movie, I like her!

      • LTavares2011

        Scarlett would be a good choice and Leighton Meester is beautiful. I only saw her in Gossip Girl. She is good, I like her. It is a possibility.

  • Linda

    Jessica Alba might be a good choice – I think she’s beautiful.

  • Nada for me. I am sure Cronenberg will know who is right. He himself is a beautiful man.

  • I definitely liked Marion as the first choice, but I really love Zooey Deschanel…I think she fits the part perfectly…

  • Loisada

    I’m going to move away from the blondes and go for Europeans that look Swiss and mysteriously ethereal, and speak English well: Eva Green.

    • Kim

      talk to me gal what are you sayin??

    • Jessyh

      I suggested Eva Green on the first dream-cast post.Looks like we are on the same wavelength there.She’s absolutely and without a doubt ethereally beautiful.And she’s a damn good actor.

  • VIV

    Ellen Page?

  • Amber Tamblyn
    I know she wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice but I think she could pull it off well. She was recently in 127 Hours with Franco.

    • Kim

      what is that?

      • Kim

        I believe my comments are going astrew!