Poll: Dream Cast – Jane Melman Edition

UPDATE! Your pick for Jane Melman is….. Mary Louise Parker!!! The poll voting was close. 🙂 Scroll down to check it out.
Ah Jane Melman. The scene between Eric and Jane in the limo is a favourite amongst us. It’s intense and absurd and yes, obscenely hot. It’s an intriguing scene as well because it’s one of the few times Eric “sees” someone really intently. He mentions at other times during the story that he doesn’t look at faces and also he doesn’t remember faces.
Instant Aphrodisiac: Just add Eric

From his stooped position, Eric looked directly into Jane’s face. He liked doing this, which surprised him. In the office she was an edgy presence, skeptical, adversarial, aloof, with a gift for sustained complaint. Here, she was a single running mother in a foldout seat, knock-kneed and touchingly, somehow, gaunt. A splash of hair lay moist and flat on her forehead, showing the first faint veining of gray. The water bottle dangled from a lank hand.

From Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo

So let’s look at some lovely ladies. You guys had great suggestions and we added some to our own Chauffeur choices. Jane, like all the women in Cosmopolis, holds her own with Eric. Can’t wait to see how this poll goes – as before, feel free to write-in your noms if you don’t see her here!
Mary Louise Parker
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Gretchen Mol
Gina Gershon
Moira Kelly
Parker Posey
“How come we’ve never spent this kind of time together?” Jane Melman, Cosmopolis

Yeah, Eric. Why??

UPDATE: *Chauffeur Deb spews a string of expletives* I really, really meant to include Jane Lynch. Reader apotampkin is vocal in her nom here and I think it’s a great idea. So sorry I missed it. I have winter brain… frozen solid.

Jane Lynch

You won’t be able to vote for her in the poll but we can still discuss this bit of dream casting. Have fun and see you in the comments.

  • Eileen

    Parker looks a lot like a friend of mine who is in her thirties, divorced and has children to take care of, so for me she’s just the perfect choice.
    The question is she courageous enough to play this role? I advise her to visit a cardiologist before taking the role, to make sure that her heart is going to take it and they should have an ambulance stand-by near the set. I mean to have Rob half naked in front of you, flirting and giving you the FY-stare, that’s like a lethal weapon.

    • LOL at the direction that day. “So Ms. Blank, we need you to sit there in the limo and Rob’s gonna eyef*ck you, m’kay??”

      NB: Cronenberg doesn’t talk like that. That was the boss from Office Space. :/

      • apotampkin

        I LOVE that boss from Office Space!!! That’s one of my favourite movies….

  • I love the idea of Mary Louise Parker or Moira Kelly (she got my vote).

    Tossing Jennifer Garner into the wishing well too!

  • pausner

    Jennifer Jason Leigh was in a Cronenberg movie (eXistenZ) already and she was excellent. I think Jane Lynch would be excellent, too.

    • apotampkin

      Thankyou! That one vote for my Jane…

  • rpattzgirl

    OMG never thought of Mary Loiuse Parker-PERFECT!!!!! Talk about edgy!!!!

  • Marina H.

    I voted for MLP. I think she’s believable as a mother, and a businesswoman. Also she’d still look sexy sweaty.

    Dammit…I wish i was her sometimes.

    • Loisada

      MLP would pull it off well. But most of these actresses veer towards more classic beauties very self-assured in their bodies. I don’t see Jane that way.

      Jane is:
      “knock-kneed… gaunt” with a body that tends to “idleness and fleshiness” which she has to violently resist. She has “gapped teeth” and a “veining of gray” in her hair.

      My second choice is Toni Collette…. my first choice obviously being me!

      • Loisada

        Come to think of it, we should be looking for the actress with the most expressive eyes, as the entire sequence is about “seeing” another at the most primal level. This will also be the most epic eye-fucking scene in the history of cinema!

        And the sweaty panting Jane gets to deliver of the book’s best lines:
        “I am advising you…. as a woman who would still be married to her husbands if they had looked at her the way you have looked at me here today.”

        That line had better be there, word for word, in the script! Can anyone confirm it?

        • Kim

          Someone brought up Scarlett Johanssen, she is pretty awesome. What do you think?

          • Loisada

            Too sensually animalisticly beautiful for me, and far too young. Jane has been married at least twice.

          • Kim

            Oh my let me think of another!

            Well good lord there is Kate Winslet!

  • I’m still torn between MLP and Gina Gershon. Gina is who I pictured when I was reading. I’ve also got Lorraine Bracco in my head, a slightly younger version (I’ve been watching the Sopranos from the beginning 😉 ) I hope Jane’s manner of speaking in the book is kept for the film. Jane: “You do this what.” Eric: “What. Everyday” Jane: “No matter.”

    I love MLP in Weeds and her dry delivery would be perfect… SOLD! She gets my vote. 🙂

    • Kim

      I voted for Gershon, too. Something about her pic says she has attitude and could complain non stop in the office. Also this has to come out as a laughable moment, at least part of it.

    • Loisada

      If Lorraine were 15 years younger she would be perfect.

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    MLP gets my vote – very talented actress. If she can handle being in “Angels in America” & finding out her husband is gay and playing those scenes so well, she can certain handle Eric.

    Moira Kelly or Jennifer Jason Leigh would be my second choice(s)

  • robsexme

    O.o my pick for Gretchen Mol is up there! Two other actresses that didn’t make the cut but I could also see in this role are Maria Bello and Jennifer Connelly. All the above actresses are great. I gotta agree with most of you though MLP would really fit this roll well. She’s very versatile actress. I just saw her in RED. Love her. Why didn’t I think of her? Hmm now I may be changing my vote. 😉 *ponders over the list some more*

  • I’m thinking. Waiting for the fish of thought to swim to the surface.

  • i like mol even though i don’t see her older or greying. but i do like her. i also like kelly and JJL. jane seemed sexy to me in an everyday woman kind of way. idk if that makes sense. i felt vulnerability from her but power as well. a contrast but i felt them just the same. some of the women i didnt list dont have that balance for me. they either swing one way or the other.

    this will be very interesting to see who’s cast.

  • LTavares2011

    I vote in Gretchen Moll but when I first read this part ” A splash of hair lay moist and flat on her forehead, showing the first faint veining of gray. The water bottle dangled from a lank hand.” it was Maggie Gyllenhaal or Rebecca Hall that came up to my mind.

    • Maggie Gyllenhaal would be GREAT!

      • apotampkin

        Loving the Maggie idea~

  • Kim

    As I read this part in the book I pictured a blond, like a friend of mine in a high position, not frazzled by a darn thing. However when I look at the pics above, I voted for Gershon as her pic shows attitude and sex appeal, somewhat like the Sophia Loren or Rachel Welch gal. Oh well what do I know, let me know what you think. Is anyone else lined up for this movie or do they wait til the end right before it starts?!

    • apotampkin

      I thought blonde too! Don’t know why now…

  • apotampkin

    Oooh Deb I was reading the poll and going “No they left out my Jane!!” – and got to the bottom and saw she was there… albeit as an afterthought… he he

    For some reason I thought she was blonde??? Was she not described as blonde? How odd. I can imagine lots of those you’ve suggested if I get the blonde idea out of my mind.

    Regarding her age, I know you quoted the slightly grey thing but here are some other clues – I think she’s between 35-45 because she has to be old enough to have had 3 ex-husbands, but young enough to have a child who still has a nanny (i.e. is not at school, which would be under 5 years old). So assuming average fertile age ranges, that would make her less than about 45.

    Wooo hoo about the news on Keira!! Sorry I know a lot of you like her but I was so unhappy about her casting!! Let’s hope they pick someone good now!!

  • apotampkin

    OK I just cast my official vote for Parker Posey (since I couldn’t vote for Jane Lynch) mainly just because if she was in the movie I know I’ll be able to get my husband to go see it because he fluvs her…

    • Kim

      Who is Parker Posey? What has she been in?

      • apotampkin

        She’s been around for ages…. never as a major star though.

        I mainly remember her as the bride that doesn’t get to the alter in “The Sweetest Thing”


  • LTavares2011

    Parker did “Superman Returns” with Brandon Routh, the latest version directed by Bryan Singer. She was the girlfriend of Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey). She did Blade: Trinity, with Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds and many indie films.

  • VIV

    Kate Winslet!!!!

    • Kim

      Well good lord there is Kate Winslet!

  • KittyC

    Each of these actresses would bring their own unique gift to the role, but my choice is MLK – I have always loved her, from ‘Fried Green Tomatoes’ to ‘Weeds’ to ‘RED’ – she is just mesmerizing and I would love to see her in this role. She had to be pretty darn gutsy in some the scenes she had to do in ‘Weeds’, esp some of the sex scenes (in the alley on top of the car with the Mexican drug dealer, in the real estate agent’s office on his desk, bent over the table taking it from behind when the Mayor of Tijuana was showing her he was ‘in charge’) I think she might be tempted by the very outrageousness of this role. I hope so!

  • KittyC

    Of course I mean MLP (my kitty is trying to sit on the keyboard, she is very jealous of my being on the computer and tries to distract me! LOL)

  • I was just watching a clip of ‘Good Will Hunting’ and thought Minnie D. might be a possibility for this role.

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