Water for Elephants choreographer says “Every scene is magical”

Sebastien Stella

The Entertainment Tonight Water for Elephants teaser has us beyond excited! We were also excited to hear Sebastien Stella on twitter talking about his role under the Big Top, training the most spectacular performers on earth, and creating those magical sequences!

Yes, I’ve choreographed all the performances/circus scenes (and more) for the movie…trained the actors and played in it.

This little exchanged ensued when we tweeted to him:

@Sebastienstella we can’t wait to see the film. The circus number Reese did w/the horse (Silver Star?) in the trailer was very enchanting.

@H2OforElephants Thanks,Wait to see the rest!! Every scene is magical…

 So magical! We’ll be playing ‘I Spy’ to find him! 🙂 (gasp! The trapeze! Maybe the trapeze!!!)  You can visit Sebastien’s website for a further glimpse at his amazing talent. A little peek at what Water for Elephants has in store for us…


Tonight’s behind the scenes look at Water for Elephants is also going to be magical! *vibrates with excitement* Set your recording devices, take the phone off the hook and prepare for the spectacle! Interviews (with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon) and new scenes and dancing… OH MY!