Good heavens! What will the Patt-olytes think?!

Patt-olytes. That’s a new one 😉

Coined by IndieMoviesOnline, Patt-olytes and more are mentioned in a compelling piece about Cosmopolis and the gamble of Cronenberg and Pattinson.

Curl up somewhere and click HERE to read part 1.

The article poses a couple of questions I thought we could explore ourselves.

What does Cronenberg hope to achieve by selecting as his latest leading man a pasty-skinned Brit whose innate charisma has been unfavorably compared with that of a squashed canapé?

What does Pattinson seek to gain by enlisting for a tour of duty with a director whose previous protagonists have included murderers, lunatics and a woman with a mutant penis growing from her armpit (Rabid)?

What are the worldwide network of Patt-olytes, united in their adoration of self-denying vampire Edward Cullen, going to make of their dreamboat in a role which, if it adheres to DeLillo’s source book, will see him repeatedly cheating on his wife, shooting a man dead in cold blood, and delivering the line “I want to bottle-fuck you slowly with my sunglasses on”?

Basically, what do Cronenberg and Pattinson hope to accomplish by tackling DeLillo’s Cosmopolis? Also, who are the Patt-olytes? Is that the politically correct term for Robsesed? Will the Patt-olytes follow or abandon? Does the latter matter? 😉

IndieMoviesOnline concludes their exploratory article tomorrow.

  • Karin

    Wait, are they assuming that we’ll “abandon ship” because we get to see Rob have movie sex with multiple women, be a complete and utter badass, and deliver a line that makes our panties melt?

    Fat chance.

    • Marina H.

      Right? Lol…i think MORE people are gonna jump on the ship.

      *fans self*

    • i dont think they assumed it. i think they are just wondering if “Patt-olytes” will abandon ship. i don’t think they know what Rob’s hardcore fans really want from Rob or know that we support him pretty much unconditionally. perhaps they are questioning the teen base which is large due to Twilight. i don’t think the teen base will follow. teens move on. the big teen Twilight base wasn’t there for RM and i’m curious to see if they’re there for BA. but i also dont think Rob is trying to appeal to teens with his projects. he picks what appeals to him 🙂

      i didn’t bring WFE into the mix because that movie is tailor-made for a broad audience and looks to be full steam ahead for success.

      • Karin


        but I totally agree, I think Rob is trying to get away from the teens and really show his acting chops. As you said, teens are fickle and change their minds, he wants to appeal to the true fans… and just do what he loves to do.

  • rpattzgirl

    So once again, they think Rob fans are ignorant and can only see him as Edward Cullen?
    WRONG……..The Twihard tweens will fall away, but the true fans will stay forever….and who doesn’t want to hear or see Rob saying Fuck or actually fucking? I know I do!

    • Marina H.

      Me too!! Like super a lot!

  • Linda

    Although we haven’t seen it yet – there were multiple partners in Bel Ami! I’m not going anywhere!

  • Marina H.

    I think we’re going to have to deal with a lot of articles dissectin Rob piece by piece, especially since Cronenberg has A LOT more under his belt than Rob does. We’ll just have to wait for Rob to prove everyone wrong. This could be the movie to do it!

  • cmdww

    I’m not a huge Cronenberg fan so the only reason I’d go see the movie is for Rob. I didn’t like the book but I could totally see Rob pulling it off. After BD Rob will certainly be financially able to pick whatever projects he feels like. With Rob I think it’s all about if it interests him and is something new. This will be a learning experience for Rob and It will have him filming in my hometown so I’m ready to develop a thick skin and ignore those who mock Rob’s talent.

    • yeah this whole blog was only formed because of our support for Rob and his films. it’s very exciting to see what film choices he makes post BD…and even the choices he made with RM, BA, and WFE. but critics are going be unfair and tear him up until they deem Rob worthy *eyeroll*. i like that the article recognized this:

      For while Cronenberg may have endured his fair share of barbs and brickbats down the years, it is difficult to believe he too often faces the kind of vituperative assaults on his professional competence that Pattinson is forced to endure pretty much any time a movie comes out with him in it.

      • pausner

        Haven’t read the article, but Cronenberg at a similar time in his career that Rob is at now (although with much less celebrity success in Canada) was very publicly skewered. The government of Canada threatened him with censorship and he was even the subject of parliamentary debate (centering around funding the government gave for what some people thought was pornography). His own landlord at the time kicked him out on the street.

        He has had to endure heavy censoring for several of his films (The Brood, Videodrome). He had difficulty getting funding for his projects. Had to wait years sometimes to get just a sliver of money to film some films (and once, had to defer his salary). I even think Crash is still banned in parts.

        These were all very public displays of disdain for Cronenberg and his work. But he didn’t waver. He didn’t just make a movie to make a buck (except for The Fly, and even that is so lovingly Cronenbergian).

        He has endured. He has always had to gamble because of the films he wants to make.

        So, I think, there is that relationship, between an artist and the public, that has remained. He has always been on the outside but he has made some money and his art is still, to many, profoundly moving and insightful.

    • Annie

      Hear hear! (Here, here?) I’m excited to see his choices.

    • Great. You will have a chance then to broaden your literary and film aesthetics. It’s always good to confront a challenge like this and you will have the motivation to do so.

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    I thought the “Captain Jawline” comment was uncalled-for and egregious. It just shows the pre-disposition the “film intelligentsia” has against Rob. Maybe if they tried watching Little Ashes or Remember Me with an open mind they might be surprised. I supposed if he had shifty eyes and a weak chin the “critics” would deem him a better actor *face palm*

    So by the critics’ logic Cronenberg is (a) crazy, (b) desperate, or (c) gone “Hollywood” by casting Rob. I’m sure that would make Cronenberg laugh and give the establishment the finger big time. He knows what he’s doing, he will get a great performance from Rob as Eric and the “critics” will fall all over themselves praising the film the acting, the directing, the script, etc., and we’ll just conveniently “forget” about all these little slings and arrows.

    What the “critics” don’t seem to get is that the real fans of Rob’s acting are excitied about him moving into this challenging, sophisticated role. But the critics will ever associate Rob with teenage girls and Twilight. They did it for years with Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio – and you see now how the “critics” have they’ve changed their tunes about these actors.

    • Annie

      There you go. I don’t have to say anything now. Sorry Chauffeur M, DebbieCDC beat me to it.

    • Captain Jawline: i didn’t find it insulting. we talk about his jaw ad nauseum. we make it a big deal. he actually IS Captain Jawline. and they weren’t insulting his performances in the article. in fact, they drew attention a couple of times to him being constantly ridiculed for his acting abilities. i think that’s weighing more for me. i appreciate articles that recognize the regular, bitter, attacks on Rob by critics.

      Rob looks great. but a male isn’t going to say that really. he won’t discuss jawporn. a guy is going to make a small joke and call him Captain Jawline. (which im thinking about stealing btw)

      im curious to see the tone of the article in its conclusion tomorrow.

    • This is a critic! Honey he doesn’t know shit about film criticism. Trust me on this. He’s just cute with words, that’s all.

      • Kim

        Short but sweet, good thoughts!

  • I haven’t finished reading the article yet…I have read all the previous comments…I just wanted to add my two cents here…Lol…

    I am so excited about this film for many reasons….I love Cronenberg…I was 12 when I saw The Fly and it was strangely erotic to me sex and horror became a fetish…I love sex and I love Horror and Cronenberg is a master at making these two things go insanely erotic together…

    The Brood, Crash, History of Violence, Naked Lunch, Rabid, The Dead Zone, and Dead Ringers…Yeah all very provocative and just so good…If you don’t like unique art that makes you question sanity I don’t recommend these lol…

    Now I am also a huge fan of Delillo…I love The Body Artist, White Noise, Americana, Libra, and The Falling Man…The latter being very hard to read, but so thought provoking about what people may have been thinking that day…I was given a copy of Cosmopolis three years ago, it was not a favorite though…It did however have one pf my favorite sexual lines I have ever read…Yes that would be “I want to bottle-fuck you slowly with my sunglasses on.” Umm hello, what one of us Rob Wh00rs doesn’t go to bed dreaming about Rob saying this???? Silly critics, these tricks are for us….

    Anyway, I can not wait for this movie…It will completely erase all traces of Edward Cullen from Rob…Thank goodness…I know Bel Ami would have the same effect, but for some reason I think we will see Cosmopolis before Bel Ami lol…

    I can’t wait for Twilight to be over, because I know Rob is going to shine…He will be taken seriously as an actor, and people will see what I saw in Little Ashes…A very dedicated and talented young man, not afraid to take chances…Rob was amazing in this movie, and if people did their homework they would see that Rob nailed Dali and his ever changing persona…

    I have more I want to say, but RL calls, and the babes would like some dinner lol…

  • pj

    Honestly, I thought the article was snarky towards Rob, disrespectful of Cronenberg and totally condescending towards Rob’s fans.

  • KittyC

    As far as Rob is concerned, I would bet that after he hung up after accepting the Eric Packer role (or however it happened) that he most likely fell to his knees and thanked all the Career Gods for his great good fortune! Even though I believe he is very grateful to the Twilight phenomonen for the ride that has taken him to this place, he also very much wants to be legitimized in his craft. I think WFE will give him exposure to more general audiences who will love the film and him, but Cosmospolis could give him credibility.

    I went to see Remember Me one evening after work the first week it was released and there were 5 women, including myself, in the audience. After the movie ended and we were all walking out (in stunned silence!) I asked the ladies if they had come because Rob was in it and all except for one of the ladies admitted that was the reason (and also ‘outed’ the other lady who did then admit that that was actually the primary reason!) but…we were all amazed and impressed, not only with Rob’s performance, but with the fact that he had felt so strongly about doing this movie that he pretty much ‘strong armed’ Summit into doing. Now, not one of these ladies was less than 35 years old! So, I agree with the comments already made, Robert Pattinson fans are not tweens, Edward Cullen fans may be (although I must admit I will always be grateful to Rob for bringing Edward Cullen to ‘life’ for me) but I think Rob just has that difficult to define ‘something’ that equates to ‘movie star’ and I don’t mean just a ‘pretty face’ (although Rob certainly has that) but there’s so much more and much of it yet to be discovered! I look forward to following the young man’s career.

    • I think WFE will give him exposure to more general audiences who will love the film and him, but Cosmospolis could give him credibility.

      yessssssssssss 🙂

    • MPV

      I read somewhere Cronenberg said he casts for his leads actors that have star like quality in the sense they have the screen presence and charisma to carry a film but he also wants in that person a character actor, so it seems he wants and actor that have screen presence but can get lost in the character and be the character not to have a big star playing a role. Which to me that defines Rob, he has screen presence but he delves into characters, and depending on the source some result better than others: RM and LA, for example.

      Now his reasons to cast Rob, is his reason alone, and truth be told instead on saying those leads are abandoning the project because Rob signed, he should ask himself why the movie could not get production start date with such “great” cast it had before, but Rob signs and with his confirmation in the casting comes a production date start.

      But I love the criticism, makes me think positive… I was not around when Rob signed to play Edward but it has been mentioned how much the fangirl hated his casting to play Edward, things changed with the first movie and even grew more nearing the release of NM…. no fanboys are hating his casting a Crononberg film, maybe we can expect the to change after the film. 😀

  • Kim

    Drama…drama…I read the article, thank you. Somewhat critical, copycatting(repeating vibes from one movie) seems to be in order. When you play one person/vampire in four movies I would imagine the character stays the same and therefore pretty difficult to keep it all in line and have everyone fall all over you(which they have/clap clap!!).

    I’m just happy to be here reading the book Cosmopolis and giving my opinion. This book/movie is going to be really liked by the guys, that’s my feeling. Allready we have discussed so many layers, both sexes want that and they each have a different pattern of thought about it.

    I kinda bet Robert Pattinson can’t wait to do more, be expressive and show his acting. That’s great to know about the director/Cronenberg and his accolades, experience always shines!

    Luvin the limo/drive me home……

  • Kim

    PS/I don’t fall in to the Twilight Saga age group! So I am very excited for him to act in movies that appeal to 20’s and beyond. However we are always grateful for our beginnings.

  • carolyn

    Fuck Twilight, Fuck Edward. Fuck people who can not move on…And get there info about Robert and his personality, while pulling it out of their ass.
    I become a fan of this young man, because of all his charisma and charm…He is funny as hell, extremely intelligent, a brilliant musician, and will prove himself to be an even better actor….He has nothing to prove to me though…
    I look forward to waving goodbye to Twilight and Hello to many smart opportunities like this one…

  • KittyC

    I read a comment recently (it might have been here on one of these posts) that expressed something that I have been trying to find words for. Rob has been roundly critized for being rather one dimensional in that he’s brooding and moody and looks ‘constipated’, etc. But, dear God in Heaven, he nailed it!!!! Read the books, THAT IS EDWARD! Thank you, that is all.