Cosmopolis production info update

Larry411, film journalist, shared some Cosmopolis production info on twitter:

“COSMOPOLIS” Feature Film
STATUS: April 4
LOCATION: Toronto/New York
PRODUCER: Paulo Branco – Martin Katz – Renee Tab WRITER/DIRECTOR: David Cronenberg PM: Joseph Boccia – Robin Reelis
CAST: Robert Pattinson – Paul Giamatti

It is an April day in the year 2000 and an era is about to end. The booming times of market optimism — when the culture boiled with money and corporations seemed more vital and influential than governments — are poised to crash. Eric Packer (Pattinson), a billionaire asset manager at age twenty-eight, emerges from his penthouse triplex and settles into his lavishly customized white stretch limousine. Today he is a man with two missions: to pursue a cataclysmic bet against the yen and to get a haircut across town. Stalled in traffic by a presidential motorcade, a music idol’s funeral, and a violent political demonstration, Eric receives a string of visitors — experts on security, technology, currency, finance, and a few sexual partners — as the limo sputters toward an increasingly uncertain future. Based on the novel by Don DeLillo. (Giamatti plays the dual role of Benno Levin/Richard Steers. / Production office opens Mid-March.)

I got clarification from Larry regarding the April 4th date. That means production is slated to start on that date but doesn’t necessarily mean filming will start on that date. Pattinson will be wrapping up filming on Breaking Dawn at that time. As of right now, Cosmopolis filming start date is May 23rd.

Thanks Larry!

  • OMG!! Does this mean Rob will be HERE April 4????

    • no no….check the post again. production starts April 4th. that is not the same as the filming start date (principal photography).

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  • Loisada

    Larry is a real peach… with a soft spot for Rob! I bet he’ll be keeping us posted on all the casting and production updates. Wouldn’t you just love to know which actresses are knocking down doors to audition for the female leads? Still I hope they keep it hush until the ink dries. We don’t need anymore BS reporting along the lines of “so and so drops out of RPattz movie.” We’ll find out soon enough who’s woman enough to climb in the Croninson limo!

  • Thanks for the info Tink! 🙂 <3

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  • adeilia

    does anyone know if auditions will be open to the public?

  • Diana

    Hi Tink! Do you know if they are still set to start filming on May 24th…I wonder because many roles have not been cast?

  • Maria Rivera

    Looking forward to Cosmopo. Cronenberg will be genius with this movie and bring out the best of acting skills in all the cast. He always does.

    Robert-let me know when you decide to play the “fans trapped in the dungeon” skit on SNL – would love to be one of those fans. 🙂 Make sure to dig deep and bring out the rebel James Dean in you to play this part – if anyone can do it, you can.
    Paul-I know you’ll delight me in this movie as you always do in all of your movies. Loved that “soul searching” movie. You’re good!
    Juliette-lady, how do you always seem to never have a bad hair day – you are gorgeous! No doubt, once again you’ll shine in this production.

    I’m hoping to catch some of the NYC filming if that’s going to be one of your film locations – in fact Cronie, if you’re looking for any extras just shoot me an email!

    Sending you many kisses and best of luck to all the entire cast and crew!

  • taz

    can anyone tell me the exact location of the shooting?

  • Danielle

    When and where are they filming in NYC?