BREAKING: Juliette Binoche joins Cosmopolis!

Oh Juliette...who will you play...

Reporting on the news from the European Film Market in Berlin, Screen Daily got quite a scoop. Cosmopolis producer, Paulo Branco, confirmed that Juliette Binoche will join the cast of Cosmopolis!

He [Branco] also said that there was now a confirmed shooting date for David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis (sold by Kinology but produced by Branco) of May 24. Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche have also joined the cast.

Question is….who will she play?? Hmmmmm….DISCUSS!

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  • Marina H.

    This makes me SO excited!! Another excellent actress!

    I think she’d have to play Didi…I guess? We didn’t have her on our poll did we? Silly us!

    • we didnt have her on the poll….

      • Loisada

        Can we dream cast Kendra next? The encounter is as pivotal as Didi. By far the most boisterous and “fun,” as well as literally “stunning.” Start hitting the weights Tink, my vote goes for you!

        • Marina H.

          Oh yes! Let’s!!

        • you’re too kind 😉

    • Loisada

      Didi? THe scorched blonde becomes a maven-haired beauty? Why not? Juliette is going on 47… Didi’s exact age. She will be perfect for as a seasoned, sophisticated unsentimental lover.

      Maybe we should be looking overseas as well for Elise candidates?

      • Loisada

        Oops… the maven was obviously raven. Tho Juliette does also have dazzling skills and dazzling tresses!

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  • Well I think we may have our Didi…Such sophistication…She looks perfect for Didi… 🙂

  • carolyn

    The cast list just keeps getting better & better, since smartly offering the role to Robert Pattinson…Thank you again David!!!
    Now we have the perfect leading man, the perfect leading lady, and the perfect bad guy;)
    I obviously believe very much in Robert, adore Paul, and i could not have picked a better actress for Rob and this role…I kept thinking and thinking, who??? And worrying a little that no one would be found in time. Job very well done. Juliette Binoche is both beautiful, and a woderful actresss. Classy all the way…But so is Robert, and this opportunity is a blessing for him. I wish he had this role to have come to America for in the first place, instead of Twilight…As i believe he would now wish the same…Twilight has been both a blessing and a curse for him…I hope more opportunities like this come his way…All he wants to do is act, and refine his acting..I personally think he is a natural, after watching the British comedy, How To Be…He does not want fame, respect would mean so much more to him, and i know he would trade one for the other…Believe me, you are giving this chance to someone who could not deserve it more…Robert is a talent in so many ways, and hands down one of the nicest guys in “Hollywood”

  • Love this casting!

  • Dee

    Didi??? So many beautifully stunning actresses not on our radar but this is perfect!
    I can’t wait to see who he will pull out of his hat for Elise.

    As far as the previous post let them be sceptical. He will just have to keep proving himself over and over again.
    Rob is learning from so many talented people and at least we know he is deserving and appreciative for the opportunity. It’s the people that matter that see his ability…directors, other actors and they obviously want to work with him. His box office draw isn’t a sure thing so I don’t believe this is why he’s getting these offers….it’s him and they see what we do.

  • MPV

    I love it!
    and yes I think Didi or Jane (the heads of finance).. or the theorist lady

  • rpattzgirl

    Loved her in Dan in real life & the English patient….
    Very excited!

  • Annie

    Why did I picture Jane Lynch for Jane? *shrug*

    Love love love Juliette Binoche, this movie just got bigger.

    • “Love love love Juliette Binoche, this movie just got bigger.” … I agree 120%! 🙂

  • Kim

    Wonderful actress. Was she in that Chocolate Shop (?) Movie with Johnny Depp? I’m pretty sure.
    I’m not sure which part she fits, artist(most likely), guard or equal?

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  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I love Juliette, great actress (“The English Patient” and the remake of “Wuthering Heights” she did, both with Ralph Finnes amongs my FAVE all-time movies). I could see her as Elise, altho she is a bit older for the role. She could also be Jane. I do not see her as Didi, but Cronenberg knows what he wants her for, so I bow to his wisdom.

    Does this mean I still have a shot at the Kendra role? I’ll buy my own body paint AND vodka!

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