Director Tweets! Water For Elephants “getting closer” to completion

Francis Lawrence gave Water For Elephants fans another update in the film making process. A refresher in case you don’t know what some of the tweet means:

Color: this has to do with giving your film a certain tint. Color correction. This can change the mood of a film. Warm tints (reds) versus cold tints (blues). We discussed it in our post-production post. Click HERE to recap.

ADR: we’ve discussed this before but in case you missed it, ADR stands for automated dialogue replacement, “dubbing”.

Rodrigo: this is Rodrigo Prieto, the director of photography/cinematographer. Looking back at our post-prod post, I chuckled at an excerpt:

The cinematographer will make sure the film has the color desired. Ryan added his two cents (much like this entire post) and felt Francis would be sitting in during this process due to his background in music videos and his eye for that aesthetic. Interesting theory.

A theory proven 🙂

And that’s that! Oh…there’s the bit about Jacob.

Jacob: some character in Water For Elephants 😉