NEWS OVERVIEW: “This film sounds really fantastic” + another Cosmopolis casting announcement approaching?

It charts.

If you’ve read Cosmopolis, you know this line, spoken often by Robert Pattinson’s character, Eric Packer, and discussed with his currency analyst, Michael Chin. News In Film reported the rumored casting of Aaron Yoo as Chin.

Aaron Yoo

Here’s an excerpt from DeLillo’s Cosmopolis between Packer and Chin:

Michael Chin was in the jump seat now, his currency analyst, calmly modeling a certain sizable disquiet. “I know that smile, Michael.”

“I think the yen. I mean there’s reason to believe we may be leveraging too rashly.” “It’s going to turn our way.” “Yes. I know. It always has.” “The rashness you think you see.” “What is happening doesn’t chart.” “It charts. You have to search a little harder. Don’t trust standard models. Think outside the limits. The yen is making a statement. Read it. Then leap.” “We are betting big-time here.”

“I know that smile. I want to respect it. But the yen can’t go any higher.”

Ominous, ominous…

Cosmopolis news was popping over the last couple of days. Juliette Binoche joining the cast as Didi Fancher and Mathieu Almaric, in an unknown role, gave Cosmopolis a good boost in the eyes of media outlets. Slash Film labeling it as “a very good turn of events”.

Slash Film also speculated about possible crew additions. With Howard Shore (composer) and Peter Suschitzky (director of photography) announced on the official Cosmopolis website, they said the addition of Carol Spier as production designer and Denise Cronenberg as costumer is likely, due to their constant collaborations with David Cronenberg.

While media outlets were posting about these latest developments, Maclean’s, a long time Canadian news magazine, posted a positive article on their website. Set for principal photography to start on May 24th in Toronto, weighed in on Cosmopolis:

Landing a Cronenberg role is a savvy move for Pattinson, who needs to make the leap from the matinee idol ghetto of Twilight to more mature roles. His is  not unlike the dilemma faced by an aging child star. In his previous non-vampire outing, the romance Remember Me, Pattinson showed the promise of a serious actor, but the film was a dud. Cronenberg is always a class act, and (despite his image as a horrormeister) he’s very much an actor’s director.

Click HERE to read the whole article.

All this exciting news! However, I think Criterion Cast wraps it up best:

With stars Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti, this film sounds really fantastic.  I love Cronenberg as a filmmaker, and while it remains to be seen what role [Binoche & Almalric] will play, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to choosing a great cast.

Indeed. 🙂

We’re updating the blog pages in the limo menu bar as these announcements continue to trickle in. We also added a link to the official website on the right hand side in the navigation pane. Send out good vibes for an Elise Shifrin (and Torval ;)) casting announcement soon!