Want Reese Witherspoon’s look in ‘Water For Elephants’? Grab your bobby pins!

Mae West, Reese Witherspoon, and Jean Harlow

Reese’s bobbed hair is beautifully set into a period specific finger wave. A finger wave is a style that is usually “wet set” or comb styled on wet hair into ridges and arcs then dried into form. No curlers or iron curls are needed just the crafty use of a comb and pinning using shampoo set clips.

In the film, Reese’s haircolor is a fabulous shade of buttery blond that mirrors the era’s starlets: Jean Harlow and Mae West. In real life, her hair is more modern and multidimensional with subtle medium and highlight gold tones. In order to achieve Reese’s movie look from your usual dimensional blond, we suggest the following:

Click HERE to get the look 🙂

According to IMDb, Reese’s look was executed by Lona Vigi. The article goes on to compliment Water For Elephants and say “this film looks absolutely stunning!” 🙂 Absolutely!

Stunning indeed! :)

  • They did a great job with Reese’s hair. #luv.old.movies I can’t wait to see the costumes and cinematography on the big screen. 🙂

  • E. Morris

    Does anyone know what kind of ring Reese had on her RIGHT hand in “Water for Elephants”?