Poll: We’re Dream Casting the Intimidating Torval. Hop in the Limo.

Protecting Eric is a tough job.

UPDATE! Poll is closed and results are in. In a close race, your choice for Torval is….

Jason Statham!

Come on in! Lot’s of room in the limo. Grab a bottle of water or something stronger, if you’re so inclined, and ponder the enigma that is Torval. He doesn’t say much, he’s intense and focused. Eric doesn’t seem to like him.

“He found that Torval’s burly presence was a provocation. He was knotted and sloped. He had the body of a heavy lifter, appearing to stand and squat simultaneously. His bearing was one of blunt persuasion, with the earnest alertness that thickset men bring to a task. These were hostile incitements. They engaged Eric’s sense of his own physical authority, his standards of force and brawn.” Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis
More from Eric about Torval. So much animosity… probably because Torval doesn’t chart. 😉
“He looked for steady temperament in his security staff. Torval did not match the pattern. Times he was ironic and other times faintly disdainful of standard procedures. Then there was his head. There was something in the jut of his shaved head and the aberrant set of his eyes that carried an inference of abiding anger. His job was to be selective in his terms of confrontation, not hate a faceless world.” Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis
We asked for your choices on Twitter and you sent in a fantastic variety. It’s interesting that some of these choices stray from the physical description in the book but it makes sense; our “scorched blonde”, Didi Fancher, is to be played by the beautifully brunette Juliette Binoche. I suppose they could be colouring her hair… we shall see.
Once again, dream casting is just for fun. We know David Cronenberg is going to amaze us with his choice. Our picks, the poll and results from the Jane Melman vote after the JUMP!


Is your pick here? Feel free to write in your noms and discuss the character, Torval, and his relationship with Eric in the comments.

Danny Devito
Jason Statham
Ving Rhames
Michael Chiklis
Bruce Willis
Michael Clarke Duncan
Liam Neeson
Jonny Lee Miller
DEAN!! (pay no attention to the young man in the photo - I tried to crop him out and my computer crashed)

There you go. Look, meditate, vote. If you hear “Nancy Babich” RUN!! The voting for Jane was very close! Check out results HERE.


  • Marina H.

    You almost derailed my gut vote of Ving Rhames with Jason Statham.


    He’s not allowed to be in this movie.

    I’m excited about this casting. Can’t wait to see who gets the part!!

  • Annie

    Stanley Tucci?

  • rpattzgirl

    GAH! my vote is for Ving…but Michael Chiklis would be great too…or MCD

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    LOL, Michael Chiklis was the FIRST actor I thought of for Torval. I think Jason Stathan is too young – I picture Torval as being a little older, altho I think Jason would rock the role. Damn, looks like the poll is evenly divided 3 ways – Chiklis, Strathan and Ving Rhames.

    bout #DoingItForDean, I have often wondered if Icy used Dean as the model for the character of Taylor in MOTU

    • Marina H.

      Dean is my Taylor, lol. I bet she did. hehehehe

  • TheonlyMrsCullen

    How about Stone Cold Steve Austin for Torvil… he’s bald, bulky and intimidating lol

  • I like the idea of Willis, but so far the casting has favored on Europeans so in line with that I’m going to go with Liam Neeson or Sean Bean. 🙂

    • Loisada

      Sean Bean would be riveting. He has an incredibly intense presence and expresses anger, disdain and intimidation like no other. Great call.

      I think Dean would get a real kick knowing he’s neck and neck with Chiklis. In fact Dean is a good eye-opener about the gap between our stereo-typed projections and reality. Many people seem to think of Dean as a teddy bear who is too much of a softie to suit a part like this, when in real life he’s a great no-nonsense body guard. On the big screen, an actor’s physicality and body language do a great deal of the speaking for them…. and teddy bears, no matter how big, are simply not intimidating!

      Another Cronenberg favorite who would be scary as hell and great in this part: Ed Harris. Just the thought gives me the jitters….

  • I pictured Michael Chiklis while reading but, agree, they seem to be leaning toward Europeans. I like Sean Bean, kiTT! Good one. I would love to see Jonny Lee Miller. He can do disdain and snarly and he’d only need to bulk up a bit…

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Ooo, Sean Bean didn’t think of him – great pick if Cronenberg wants to go with a European. But remember he has cast Paul Giamatti, so I don’t think he’s totally opposed to Americans in the cast.

  • Hi! *waves*

    I’m really stoked about this movie. Been writing a bunch of posts on my blog and editing pics and such with quotes.

    I love your site!

    Great idea about Ving! He got my vote, however, Dean was a very close second.

    Off to see the results for Melman, I like Parker Posey for the part.

    Also, I really want to change my name from RobzSinger to Nancy Babich. True story.


  • Jason all the way baby! Can not WAIT to see who Cronenberg picks. This will be a great dynamic…Rob and ___________

    • Marina H.

      Statham was YOUR idea?! Y u tryin’ to kill me?

      Can you imagine…omg…i can’t handle both of them together. It’s like a buddy-cop movie…except…Nancy Babbich.

  • pausner

    Eventually, Cronenberg isn’t going to pick a known name. I just can’t see every character in the book getting a star attached.

    That doesn’t stop me from joining in the fun for dream casting. Hmmm….I’ll go with Neeson only if the character was re-written.

  • Wow, I am so excited I wasn’t the only one who thought of Jason Statham…But there are some really great ones here…I still see Statham though…Although it would be funny as hell to see Dean play the part…Oh the irony…HAHAHAHAHAHA… 🙂

  • Kim

    Chiklis/voted for him..however that Statham dude has the look of reckless disregard.
    I absolutely love this pic chauffeurs from the Golden Globes! A no care attitude, yeah!!

  • LTavares2011

    I thought firstly in Liam Neeson and Viggo Mortensen. Torval is a great character and I think he is not so much older than Eric. He bothers Eric with his apparent image of self confidence that Packer thinks he has, he envies Torval, he loves trying to tease him.
    Torval needs a great actor with an acting discreet. Someone who can look at the camera and you understand everything, without him saying a word.
    If I could suggest names to Mr. Cronenberg they would be: Mads Mikkelsen ( I love him in King Arthur, Walhalla Rising, Cassino Royale and Coco Chanel and Igor Stravisnky ) , he has style, he is in good physical shape, has the age I think it is the ideal one for the character, he is a very good actor and very discreet and the other one is Eric Bana ( Munich, Troy, Hulk ). He has the same qualities that Mads has. Both actors are very good and they would be great with Rob.

  • MPV

    I´m between Michael Chiklis and Liam Neeson, I see Micheal more as Torval, but I´m a great fan of Liam too I want him as Torval too just because I want Rob and Liam to do a film together one day.

  • Poll time! 🙂 Had to vote for Jason … he’s got that certain sm*xy something going on. 😉 I’ve seen many movies he was in … many action ones but some are very “different”. This said … I think he could find Cosmopolis interesting. Thanks Deb! <3

  • Michael Chiklis get’s my vote.

    Michael Clark Duncan seems sooooo nice. I can’t picture Torval walking the green mile looking so sweet and sad.

  • RobsessedCindy

    Hey limo drivers! I’m really enjoying your blog.
    I love the idea of Jason in this role. He’s got the perfect look.
    I made a Cosmopolis video I wanted to share with you… it’s called Robmopolis!
    Check it out: “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mt7-V6S9JJw”

    much love,
    RobsessedCindy 😉

    • Thanks! Love the vid… and the name! Robmopolis FTW!!!

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I still think Jason’s a little too young, just cuz I picture Torval as being a little older (that’s why Michael Chiklis was my first choice), but no doubt Jason would rock the role.

    @RobsessedCindy – Robmopolis – FTW!!!

    • Kim

      What has Jason Statham been in? Can you tell me some of his other roles and where is he from?
      I think he’s got the best look! Actually Michael Chiklis has a smirky look to him like a bit of humor underneath there??!! Don’t think there was any humor to this part.

      • Here’s a link to Jason’s filmography. I’m actually liking the idea more and more… *sends brain waves to David Cronenberg* My fave film of Jason’s was Snatch but he’s done lots of action movies since then.


        • Kim

          We’ve got the pink panther/one of our favorites. Don’t recall him there, check next time it plays around here!
          Thanks chauffeur’s for this site and all the work put into it!