Water For Elephants director: The film will “officially be done this weekend”

The was a momentary disturbance in the force. MovieTickets.com claimed that Water For Elephants would be clocking in at 1 hour 37 minutes. This was a bit distressing to anyone that read this.

But we did not have to distress for long. Francis Lawrence tweeted:

Thank goodness we have a director who is in tune with the rumblings in the WFE fandom. He was speedy 🙂 *whispers* we’d still like a director’s cut…and commentary…just sayin’…just putting it out there 😉

YAY for WFE wrapping up this weekend! Party time!!!

Don’t forget to watch the NEW trailer today at 5:00pm PST on Amazon.com!

49 more days!!!

  • Crystal

    Wow, check out Robs icy glare.

  • This is great! 49 days … woot! I love the director. 🙂 I would totes buy a “special edition” WFE DVD … even if I had one already. #moreRob Thanks Tink! <3