Gorgeous New Cosmopolis Wallpaper by Jules

Love this. Thanks for sharing, Jules.

Click to download HQ

Check out lots more beautiful art at Creations by Jules!! 🙂

**Honks Limo Horn** Happy Birthday to Chauffeur Tink!!! Apparently she had a lil party in the limo late last night. So join me in wishing her the best… but let’s do it quietly… 😉

  • Dee

    he he he Dee whispers Happy Birthday Tink !
    Hope you had a little birthday pie…lot’s of cream…back there in the limo last night 😉

    • Kim

      She’s probably still sleeping…not a bad place to spend your birthday NYC in a limo to cruise around in!

  • Loisada

    Gently pries open limo door and pokes in head. Ooooooh. Gingerly places some warm corn cakes (great “sopping up” power), some ginseng -spiked OJ and a banana on the back seat. Trust… just start with tiny nibbles!

    Gently closes door and instructs driver to head down to 10th street and the Russian & Turkish baths. You’ll be a brand-new woman when you come back out, one year wiser and lovelier in every way. Happy Day Tink!

    • Kim

      Ha ha that is so good, baths, wiser and lovelier! Pick me up too!

  • robsexme

    oooh I really do find it hard (twss) not to lick my screen. That wallpaper by Jules.. is just well ..
    *THUD* ______ passes out in the limo next to Tink. Wonder who will recover first? 😉
    Happy belated birthday and best wishes Tink!

  • Marina H.

    I. Love. This. Wallpaper.

    Jules, this is beautiful! That Vogue short is perfect Eric. Lovely work!! *licks and saves*

    Happy B-Day Chauffeur Tink! <3<3

    • Aww, thank you so much! <3 Means a lot.

      Happy birthday Tink – sounds like it's been epic!! 😉

      (thanks for posting that desktop Debb). xo

  • *blows obnoxious birthday horn* Happy Birthday Tink! Wishing you lots of happiness, love and a whole lot of Rob memories this year! 😉 <3

    Saw Jules' creation yesterday and all I could say was … WOW!!!! 🙂

    *waves hi to Deb* <3

  • Kim

    I believe I could use a drive around Manhattan right about now, say looking out at all the beautiful lights and the sounds, yeah alive sounds. Maybe Eric would like a night drive then he would not have to have his shades on gals!………………………I’m sure he’d be checking the yen though and whatever else is trading.

    • Kim

      Happy Belated Bday! Hope it was a great one.