NYC Premiere Confirmed – The Ziegfeld Theater It Is!

See You There!

Must admit, I’m breathing a sigh of relief! The Kinkers had already bought flights to NYC for the 4/17 premiere and we knew we had good Vegas odds for the theater to be Ziegfeld, so we booked a nearby hotel. Today the theater was confirmed to be The Ziegfeld!

The red carpet is slated to begin at 5pm EST, with the screening immediately following at 6pm EST.

Fox previously stated that there would be contests to win tickets to the screening. We’ll post details as soon as they are received!

The Kinkers will be cheering from the sidelines! If you are going to the NYC premiere, please RSVP on our Facebook Events tab. Can’t wait to meet our readers!

via ToR

  • Tinkrbe1l3

    This is SO exciting! We gambled well! 🙂

    • *ugly cries* I’m almost too excited.

  • Zuza

    Oh god, how great would that be to live in the us..

  • Jean

    I so wish I could be there.!! Love Robert pattinson . Hope he will be there for every one spending so much to go. Hope it will be on TV here in California. He is so good in the second trailor. Such a good actor and beautiful person ,great looking. Lucky parents that brought him into this world . WE get to watch and enjoy!!

    • Jean … Even if it’s not on TV — I don’t think movie premiere usually are … sometimes there’s “live streaming” on the Web of the red carpet event for big budget movies — you can bet that +/- 30 minutes some videos will be on YouTube! 😉

      • Jean

        Thank you.


    Please, let me know about tickets…

  • Very happy and excited for the kinkers and everyone else! Not only because you’ll get to see “the man” … but also meet each other. #good.times 🙂 <3

    • smittenkitten

      RCC, you are so sweet!
      Getting to see “the MAN”…big sigh, but you are right bb…meeting each other is gonna be crazy fun!
      I’m way to excited too Tink & Deb! *jumps.up.and.down*

  • Lisa

    Now we know of a place and time, how do these things work? How early should we get there? I’m very excited!!

  • Wendy Fort

    I’m set soldier Jazmin’s sister. We are planning on going also but I have the same questions as the comment above. How early should we plan on being there? Do you guys have any get together’s planned?

  • Dee

    Any idea yet where the after party is??? 🙂

  • kathy carrillo

    how do you attend things like this? arrive at the theatre day before?

    • Dee

      I don’t think an NYC premiere is the same as LA. I don’t see NYPD shutting down streets for days for all of our crazy asses and I’m not sure they will let you loiter all night that far uptown, but who knows at this point. LOL Maybe the day of and as far as I know getting a ticket is by the grace of god. You may get lucky but as far as I know they aren’t being sold to the general public. It’s more of a fight the crowd, have fun with your friends and hope to get a glimpse of him. Just being there will be a party! Let’s hope it doesn’t rain like Remember Me or they’ll keep him wrapped in plastic.

      • Lisa

        Hey Dee,
        Thanks for some in site on how these things work!

  • golfnut

    I would love to go, please someone let me know about the ticket and where is the after party.

  • somanywards

    my sister-in-law said tonight…” Oh I’d goto New York” as I choked on my drink!!!!!!!!!
    so I’m not getting my hopes up because it could go either way but I’m saying a prayer… I would love to raise a glass with you gals* and secretly… I’m making plans… but I won’t arrive till the 17th… sfw its ROB hello 😉

  • jenny

    I read on some site that the premiere after party is at the SOHO hotel? who knows.. it is the internet!

    • jake

      jenny I know were just email me fretup yahoo

  • Leticia Machado

    So someone could tell us where we can get the tickets…if is that possible haha..