Rumour: Has the Limo found it’s Michael Chin?

Michael Chin?

Twitter is fun, non? I mean, we chauffeurs are driving along, honking at people, while NancyBabich is yelling “BANG” at anyone who says ‘Cosmopolis’. Now, we have Simon Raymond tweeting out, “I am Michael Chin”. Perhaps it’s an existential statement or a hopeful statement, you know, the way we ladies in the limo will say “I am Jane”. 😉 However, a quick imdb check shows that Simon is a pretty great fit for Michael Chin, Eric’s currency analyst. He’s the right age (Michael is 22 in the book, “a kid”) – he’s even conveniently located in Canada! So I hope this is a true statement and we get an announcement soon. Thanks for tweeting, Simon. Good luck to you and, whatever happens with the Michael Chin role, you are very welcome in the limo. 🙂

  • Loisada

    I think the young man figured out how to use Twitter to promote himself for the role! A tweet a day to get his name in people’s timelines and minds. Not a bad way to wish it into being. But I’m not counting out Aaron Yoo, as Cronenberg seems to like actors with strong track records. Perhaps some of these eager auditioners would like to share some thoughts on the script with us, or the bible itself?! Perhaps I should start tweeting that wish every day? 😉

    *Hope chauffeur Tink has fully recovered, tho I have a feeling Mr. Weitz’s charming mind helped put her right back in the saddle again*

  • Tinkrbe1l3

    I’m recovered! And LMAO at this post. Chauffeur Deb is so funny 🙂

  • suziekew

    Hilarious Deb! Love hearing about the cast coming together for this movie (if only in their minds lol)…who is this Nancy Babich person btw? Anybody know?

    • I personally think Chauffeur Tink is Nancy Babich, she’s trigger happy. 😉 She’s shot at me lots of times, even from her own twitter. *Rob pic* BANG BANG!

      Simon has worked on Fringe (Canadian TV show) and a few other productions. I kinda hope this is true. I <3 Canada!

  • Marina H.

    I like how this sounds like we were joyriding in the limo last night around the city, lol. Tink’s standing up out of the sunroof waving her hat in the air. “It’s my birthday! IT CHARTS!” Deb’s up front driving and honkin’ and I’m trying to clean up the fingerprints on the roof. “Come on guyssss…can’t you keep your gloves on? You’re leavin’ smudges…”

    I hope this guy is Michael Chin. That would be awesome. I LOVE Twitter engagement!!

  • Hi Deb! I have no idea who this kid is. Googled —–> IMDb … oh I see now. Who watches TV anymore??? #Internet But just because he’s Canadian … have to say Woot! 🙂 And wish him luck. <3

    • Hi RCC! Haven’t had an email from you in a while… *hint hint* 😉 #sendgoodies LOL

      He (Simon) seems like a sweetie, he tweeted us to say he’s trying to get an audition. He certainly looks the way I pictured Michael Chin. 🙂

      • Thai T.

        Strange. Rumor has it that he had the audition. 🙂

  • Thai T.

    I was just reading up on the character for this role and I can totally see Simon fitting the profile. I wish him much luck and hope he gets that part.