Tonight: MTV Live with Robert Pattinson! Who’s hoping for a Cosmopolis question?

We are! We are! Hoping for a Cosmopolis question that is! We asked one ourselves…

Watch for the live stream, starting at the wonderfully random 8:56 pm, EST.

Click Rob to go to MTV live stream. :)

Did you send in a question to MTV for #AskRob??

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    I submitted a Cosmopolis question, so we’ll see if anyone else did (and it got chosen). But I’m afraid with MTV it’s gonna be all Twi (even tho this promo is for WFE).

  • Loisada

    So we got a big revelation: Samantha Norton…… great actress. What a cast this is!

    But Jane, or Elise? Who else could she play? Which do you think? He slipped in her name at the end, after saying he shouldn’t tell us who was being considered for the main female role. SO… does that mean Jane? At 34, she’s more in line with the part.