Casting News: Robert Pattinson talks Cosmopolis on MTV First

I say we make Josh Horowitz an honourary chauffeur! He asked Robert Pattinson about his next project, Cosmopolis, during last night’s fantastic MTV First interview. Rob mentioned casting, saying he thought the female lead (Elise Shifrin) had been cast but he wasn’t allowed to say. Then the amazing news that Samantha Morton had joined what Rob called the “crazy cast”!

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Samantha Morton is a great addition to the cast. She has two Academy Award nominations to her name (1999’s Sweet and Low Down and 2002’s In America) and a great list of credits, both indie and mainstream. Now, who do we think she’s going to play? Twitter speculation was leaning toward Jane but I hope she’s cast as Vija Kinski, Eric’s Chief of Theory.


Samantha Morton

He faced her from the jump seat, wondering why he didn’t know how old she was. Her hair was smoky gray and looked lightning-struck, withered and singed, but her face was barely marked except for a large mole high on her cheek.” From Cosmopolis

Whatever the role, I’m thrilled with this casting. Rob’s right, crazy! 🙂

  • Janners

    I can see her has Jane. I’m reading Cosmopolis right now and when I read “Vija”, I got an image of my head of Linda Hunt.

  • MPV

    Best news ever.. since Samantha has not been officially announced, I bet he was not suposed to name her just as he could not mention the actress´ name of the actress that will play Elise, but he looked really exited when he said he could not say her name yet and also when he named Juliete and Samantha, and I ca´n not be happier, she is one of my favorites ever!! and I totally see her as Vija… that is one tough character lots of dialogue and some interesting acting requiered with that character and Samantha is one of the few that could play her easily, though it is one tough character… Jane on the other hand is more of a “generic” character, there is no need to hire such “strong” actress to play her.

  • IM1LuckyWoman

    Samantha Morton is only in her 30’s. Sounds too young to be “Vija” to me. I’m thinking Jane.

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