Cosmopolis production timeframe changes?

Keep calm and wait for official word

According to Larry411, the production time frame has moved up. Production is slated now from April 15-May 31. This has caused alot of rumblings on twitter but all we can go by is what’s logical based on the info we know for fact. We know that Robert Pattinson will have just wrapped Breaking Dawn and begin travelling to several different countries to promote Water for Elephants. We also know his character, Eric Packer, is in every scene.

Larry noted that an April 15th start date doesn’t mean filming has to start that day. What do the chauffeurs think? We think Packinson will still be Robward morphing into promo-Robowski and chauffeurs will still be wearing kinker hats on April 15th. Was that confusing? πŸ™‚

The shoot will be approximately 6 weeks and we’ll keep an eye out for an update from the official Cosmopolis website/facebook. They haven’t updated their information yet.

Until then…enjoy the ride. πŸ˜‰


  • rpattzgirl

    Yea, not worried, production means a lot of different things..he’ll probably go straight to it as soon as all the WFE promos are done..exciting though…
    My biggest question is…what will he do AFTER Cosmopolis?

    • we always wanna know dont we? i wonder if he’ll squeeze in another film before BD promo…

  • Great post Chauffeur/Kinker Tink! I got dizzy reading your account of what mid-April will be like. We’ll be in NYC for WFE but be riding through the streets recreating Eric’s journey. Who will crack and yell ‘Nancy Babich’ first? πŸ˜‰ In all seriousness, one of our readers commented before on Cronenberg’s efficiency both with shoots and editing. I’m so excited to watch this production play out!

    • LMAO i dont know what hat to wear in NYC!

      im excited to see this all play out too πŸ™‚ such a great project for Rob to be a part of. he’ll learn so much…

      and if this prod update is true, so much for me visiting u in TO…i’ll be closing out my semester during that time. *pout*

      • Suziekew

        whaaat? you might be coming to the T-dot? I hope this works out for you bb…would love to show you our city along with Debb and JAG and Georgeygirl and Janners and…it would be a PARTAY!

  • Marina H.

    Hot damn…our limo is so comfy and shiny. I can’t WAIT for when traffic pics up and we really take off πŸ™‚

    (check out all my limo metaphors)

  • Kim

    How can they make a movie in 6 weeks? Is that for real, is that usual or not so?
    I suppose working 12-16 hour days and does less time mean shorter movie in the end?

    • 6 weeks isn’t unusual and this film doesn’t require alot of locations. Scenes aren’t complicated and the film takes place in one day. Basically, the story isn’t complex in regards to production (not plot ;)).

  • Betty b

    ….and the entire plot centers around Robert:)…Oh I mean Eric Packer:)

  • Bettybmusing

    But want this time- frames interfere with his WFE primeres ? I hope not