ARTICLE: Paul Giamatti talks Cosmopolis and David Cronenberg

Benno is bizarre ;)

Speaking to The Playlist regarding his upcoming film, Win Win, Paul Giamatti mentioned Cosmopolis and David Cronenberg:

You have upcoming roles in George Clooney’s “The Ides Of March” and David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis.” Can you discuss those roles and how they were offered to you?

The Clooney thing I read awhile ago, and he knew he was gonna be doing it now. It’s a really really really really good script and a really nice part. No reason not to do it. “Cosmopolis” was the same thing. I’ve met Cronenberg a couple of times, and I’ve had sort of a number of funny near-misses with movies of his, and I ended up not doing them for various reasons. I think “A History of Violence,” there was something I was going to end up doing in that. I love his movies, and he’s a great guy. It’s a very bizarre part. I’m gonna let it remain a mystery. It’s a really strange character.

This is so exciting! Yes, Mr. Giamatti…remain a mystery. 😉 NANCY BABICH!

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  • Marina H.

    That face is perfect. He needs to meet Nancy Babich…

  • DebbieCDC (aka SeattleChik)

    He will be ideal for Benno…just the right combination of crazy and intelligent. Loved him in “Sideways” where he delivered one of the all-time great lines in film history: “Quaffable but hardly transcendent”. LMAO, great line!

    Nancy Babich will have fun doing a meet & greet with him.

    • Kim

      CDCDebbie/are you on twitter? Ran into some pics/site and wanted to follow it and can not find it. So many places…

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