ARTICLE: Paul Giamatti talks Robert Pattinson and Comsopolis

Another bit from Paul Giamatti while promoting Win Win, he spoke to about Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis:

“He’s very good for the part.”

“He’s great! Absolutely love the guy!”

“It’s based on a novel. It’s mostly about that Robert Pattinson guy — he’s a very wealthy banker. It’s about a day in his life basically,” explains Paul. “But it’s a very strange and sinister story.”

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  • Bettybmusing

    I love how he says” it’s mostly about that Robert Pattinson guy”. Well Robert is not a billionaire but he is a millionaire 🙂

  • Marina H.

    I know I should say something Cosmopolis-related…but as the limo polisher, I MUST say…


    It charts, baby. It charts.

    • isnt deb spiffy? her collages make me the love.