New Water for Elephants TV spot!

Ohhh it just get’s better and better with every little glimpse at the movie! Here’s a new Water for Elephants TV spot from Germany. Thank you to readers imTeamRob and ChrisGaertner for the head’s up!

And some lovely caps!

Ha! I laugh in the face of lions!
Leo? or Rex? I can never remember which is the toothless lion.

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  • You guys missed one! The expression on Christoph’s face is a different cut than before. In the old clips, at the pie-throwing scene where Marlena hugs Jacob it showed him going from a grin to a frown. In this clip, he’s just scowling, for about 3 seconds of it.

    • Did you take a screencap? Kinker Tink’s busy and I can’t make caps. *sadRosie* I”ll add if you send it! 🙂