Article: Robert Pattinson describes his Cosmopolis character in Entertaintment Weekly!

Entertainment Weekly has a FANTASTIC interview with Robert Pattinson coming out Friday March, 25th. While the article is, of course, mostly about Water for Elephants, Rob also takes a moment to describe Eric Packer, his character in the soon-to-be filmed, Cosmopolis.

“Yes, I’m so excited, and I’m freaking out. I have no prep time and it’s a Don DeLillo book with semi-obscure dialogue, and I have to change my body shape quite a bit. I’m playing one of those “master-of-the-universe” types, and I have to have about 6% body fat… which means I have to loses about 70%. *laughs*

Scans source RPLife

  • bettybmusing

    Robert really know how to stir your imagination about the characters he plays. He leaves you always wanting to know more . His sense of humor is priceless …. Toooo funny

  • tinkrbe1l3

    Master of the universe types….unreal. I think Rob is a hidden limo passenger. He knows! 😉

  • lemonie1

    Do you think he’s been reading icy then?!!! LOL!

  • apotampkin

    I just messaged you about this story before I realised you had already reported on it. Seriously why would he describe the character that way if he didn’t know about the comparisons being made to 50???

    • it IS wild. my brain wont let me think Rob seriously knows about Fifty. it’s just too much. but….u cant help but wonder…. 😉

  • Kim

    Well you all this article seems so good. Is this the one coming out tomorrow? Definitely headed out to get a VF mag and this tomorrow. I guess if he knows about fifty I should too, although I have some semblance and ideas, though not as defined as they could be I suppose.
    I’m so excited, feel like I’m going through this with you guys, it’s amazing for sure. This is definitely
    why there is so much fandom out there/communication.

    • KittyC

      Please forgive me in advance for the rant I’m about to write. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate what Annie Leibowitz did to Rob in Vanity Fair and will never buy that rag again. It seems as though Annie was in a some sort of weird way jealous of what a beautiful man Rob isand set out to make him look bad, cuz she could have knocked us out, kind of like the photos in Entertainment Weekly. I think she should have to give back whatever they paid her for this travesty. I was so looking forward to this Vanity Fair issue with what is generally accepted as one of the most photogenic and most handsome men currently in cinema and this, this crap is the best Annie freakin Leibowitz could do!!!!!! I wonder if Vanity Fair has any idea what a disservice this horrible photo shoot did to their sales. Can you imagine if they had been really, really great – they would have had more sales than any other issue and I’ll be this was one of their worst.

  • KittyC

    Perhaps when Icy publishes ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Rob and Kristen will read it then, if they haven’t read it already. I’m starting to get a little concerned about Rob’s health. He’ll barely have finished BD and will probably have to go back and do reshoots at some point, then there’s the worldwide promotion for WFE, then he’ll jump right into filming a very intense role, Cosmospolis, I’ve heard they’re still looking at shooting it in 6 weeks and there’s talk of him doing one of the main roles for ‘Akira’ and ‘Updated’ which would be 2 films back-to-back scheduled to start filiming in August, even if they can finish filming these 2 movies in 3 months, he’ll be doing worldwide promotion probably in early November for BD-1. Whew!!! Of course the role for the Akira/Updated haven’g been finalized, word has that he’s ‘on the short list’ and has been sent the script. What do you’all think????