RECAP: Positive reactions to Samantha Morton and the cast of Cosmopolis

When Robert Pattinson was cast as Eric Packer in Cosmopolis, we saw positive/neutral reactions but we saw a lot of negative reactions as well. The fanboys. Rob knows what we’re talking about.

Folks are singing a different tune now. With Rob announcing Samantha Morton as part of this already exceptional cast, reporting on the film has become more and more positive. Here are a few excerpts from media outlets looking decidedly more receptive.

From The Film Stage:

Cosmopolis is shaping up to be one of the movies coming out within the next few years that I’m looking forward to the most.

Their [cast] involvement is a huge boost to its heavy appeal.

She’s [Samantha Morton] a pretty gifted actress, as evidenced by the work she did there [Synecdoche, New York, The Messenger and Minority Report]. It’s not difficult to imagine that her involvement will only boost this movie’s credibility even further, and this really is something that I can’t wait to finally see.

Commenting on Robert Pattinson’s quote “It’s going to be a crazy cast. Like, I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing”, Screen Junkies had this to add:

Cosmopolis is continuing to add ringers to its cast.

I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing too, Mr. Pattinson.

Slash Film is also excited:

Having Samantha Morton in the cast is a great thing. She is reliably excellent, and even without knowing her specific role the fact that she is cast says good things about the movie overall.

Ever the skeptic of Pattinson, The Playlist crawled a little bit out of their cranky box:

A chatty Robert Pattinson revealed to MTV that Morton has joined David Cronenberg‘s “Cosmopolis” saying, “I know Juliette Binoche is in it now, and Samantha Morton. It’s going to be a crazy cast. Like, I have a feeling it’s going to be amazing.” We definitely hope so.

Lastly from Flix 66:

Things appear to be looking up and this may just end up being a pretty decent film.

Decent in the least! David Cronenberg has a winner on his hands. Can’t wait to see the final product next year. Now if we could just know who plays Elise… 😉

  • Marina H.

    *fist pump*

    This is gonna be so awesome. To think…the buzz is only going to build! I can’t wait!

    • tinkrbe1l3

      Are u this fast in real life?

      • Tedracat

        Hello Tink, my love! Yes, this film will definitely own me…two of my fave guys, Rob and DC teaming up, AND shooting in my city. The cast is fantastic so far. I’m dreaming, right? I must be…..

        • tinkrbe1l3

          TC! Miss u darlin’ 🙂

          This is certainly a dream cast and a big score for our man. Can’t wait to see this all play out 🙂

  • SmittenByaBrit

    This is very exciting!!

  • Bettybmusing

    This is really good-news Tink, I think the more people see and hear from Robert’s co-stars how serious he is about the roles he plays and his professionalism the more creditability he gains, as a actor…plus Cosmopolis is filled with all kinds of naughty and suspense filled moments. …musing…. Musing….wow

    • i agree 🙂 they are changing their ways with this supreme cast. so quick to cast off Rob and act like Cronenberg was losing it. tsk tsk.

  • Kim

    Hey all! Things are picking up eh?
    Feels like I read the book 3 months ago already.
    It is fun to watch this momentum build and corners turned for sure,
    Spring’s here and there’s more luster and a lightness all the way around.
    Which means the excitement is building for me…yeah.
    Let’s get this party started!