Poll: Who rocked the best pose with Tai the elephant?

When the EW article arrived in my mailbox yesterday, I noticed one picture looked ODDLY FAMILIAR. Just a few weeks prior to Robert Pattinson’s shoot with Tai, Kinker Tink and I had the (Eat,Pray,Love-esque) opportunity and met Tai at her home and posed for the same picture! So, just for fun, you tell us who rocked the best pose with Tai!

Kinker Tink, Robert Pattinson, Kinker Jen - all posing with Tai
  • Janners

    While you’re both beautiful ladies, gotta go with HHH! Sigh…..

  • Elana

    You both look great, and if it were anyone except Rob…sigh…sorry!

  • Ladies! you are gorgeous, but you’ll know, it;s him, it;s always been him!!!

  • OutOfMyElement

    No can do! That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child! I adore all three pics for different reasons~ The middle one for many obvious reasons and the outer two because of all the work the two of you do in contributing to the WFE info.

  • Mary Ellen

    You girls look great! But I’m sorry Rob wins. I’m sure you both would agree. Right? 🙂

  • femroc

    That’s hardly a fair comparison sorry………..Rob will always win in my heart

  • Sus

    I’m not saying, because all 4 of you (Tai included) are beauties!!!! It’s funny they took Rob’s pic that way, too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • *Write in answer* ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!! You touched the trunk that touched HHH. *faints*

  • Dee

    Oh you girls are so cute. No way to choose .You must have died a little when you saw this picture of him. I’d be screaming, doing a little happy dance!

  • rpattzgirl

    LOL sooo hard to choose! Hot babes all standing there…

  • Tinkrbe1l3

    *head desk*

  • Ripley

    All four of you are gorgeous. What an honor to be so close and toughing Tai. The same trunk Rob has touched.


  • Ransomme

    Aww, you ladies are brave/silly/asking for it! I voted for Tai as I think you are doing an awesome job and comparing with HHH is just plain crazy.