Samantha Morton will play Vija Kinski + ‘Cosmopolis’ production starts MAY 24th

Who bet against Chauffeur Deb? I know I didn’t. She said Samantha would be Vija and the film makers made it so! Are they in the limo? 😉

The official Cosmopolis website has updated their info with Sarah Gadon casting info AND revealed that Samantha Morton will play Vija Kinski.

cap from the website

Recap on Vija Kinski, Eric’s Chief of Theory:

“He faced her from the jump seat, wondering why he didn’t know how old she was. Her hair was smoky gray and looked lightning-struck, withered and singed, but her face was barely marked except for a large mole high on her cheek.” ~Cosmopolis

Chauffeur Deb is SO tossing back the champagne in the limo. But now….who’s Jane?! 😉

Production update:

Additionally, we tweeted this but production is still slated for May 24th. Production Weekly is also reporting an end date of July 25th but I’m working on more confirmation of this.

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Yeah, who’s Jane? I figured Samantha for Jane (I am no match for Chauffer Deb even tho we do share the same first name LOL). Soe the question remains, who is Jane???

    • yup…i want Torval, Jane, and Kendra…who they be?! Chauffeur Deb! we need to dream cast Kendra before the announcement. 🙂

  • Marina H.

    Amazing news. I’m bouncing in my chair. Bravo to Deb for being right on target. 🙂

    Our limo is so full now. Dare we break open the good stuff? This calls for a celebration!!

  • I AM JANE!!!!!!! LOL I’m so excited. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about Jane soon… I’m with Chauffeur Tink; where is the Torval announcement? He’s key. *pops cork and sprays limo passengers with champagne*

    • Loisada

      Great call… but I am surprised. I can’t imagine anyone not having sexual chemistry with Samantha, but I don’t recall any between the characters in the book. But I do remember this line clearly: Eric loved Vija Kinski. Their exchanges are going to blow us right out of that limo!!

      I’m still holding out for Toni Collette for Jane, and Kerry Washington for Kendra.

    • LMAO! we’re all drunk in the limo!

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  • robsexme

    *raises glass* cheers deb!

  • Samantha Morton is notoriously difficult to work with. When she worked in New Zealand, this is what happened:

    I hope she doesn’t make Rob cry!

    • Loisada

      She’s a very tough lady and demanding actor, but Cronenberg isn’t going to let anyone run roughshod over his set. And while Rob may never have gone head to head with an artist this temperamental, he’s no pushover either when he’s riled up. He may cry tears of frustration, but he’ll push right back.

      Trivia bit: Samantha has daughter named…. Esme!

    • MPV

      In that article it sounds like Samantha´s personality was not the worst that happened to them. A set is defined by the director´s character, there are plenty examples of that with Catherine H. direction in Twilight, there are many stories on how she couldn’t kept her set controlled, yet all the other Twilight films have gone smoothly, even as crazy as David Slade was.. it seems that in that movie wih Samantha, there was a case of several misfortunes and the fact both Kiefer and Samantha are not “little lambs”.

    • LOL well no ones roles are large enough to create a truly awful experience. DC will keep folks in line 😉

  • Bettybmusing

    @mrsaubergine …I read the article …jeeezz….you know Rob says he is cerebral about things. He’ll figure how to best approach each situation with this actress hopefully, but there is Cronenberg he really looks like he can keep his cast in line .

  • MPV

    so happy!!! when rob mentioned her, I thought she was perfect for Vija.. it is a tough character with a lot of dialogue, she will play to perfection.

  • Kim

    Very smart and strong looking, does she have an accent?

    • Samantha has a British accent and I believe the character Vija will have an accent. Not sure what it would be though…

  • Janners

    Really! When I read this part of the book, I pictured someone older and plainer……actually, Linda Hunt came to mind.

    • Loisada

      I was right there with you on that…. changes things up quite a bit, doesn’t it?

      • Janners

        It does. I liked that his Theorist was a dowdy woman in the book. It gave us a chance to see that Eric treats all women pretty much the same, whether they’re married to him, sleeping with him or working for him – equal opportunity indifference.

        This casting gives me the impression that all he wants to do is collect female trophies.

    • Grey hair but her face is unlined. I pictured Saorise Ronan to be honest. Some sort of old soul, eccentric, shaman type. Almost creepy. Not older to be wiser, necessarily. Like an old fashioned “seer”? That was the feel I got.