OPINION: Why Sarah Gadon is the perfect Elise Shifrin

We have our Elise! Pretty exciting stuff, right? Did anyone mention her during our dream cast post? Non? Probably because she’s relatively unknown.

Sarah Gadon, a Canadian television actress, who’s only recently getting more into film roles. David Cronenberg’s upcoming, A Dangerous Method, with Viggo Mortensen & Keira Knightley and Dream House with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, & Naomi Watts. So why is this perfect?

Cosmopolis is not about Eric and Elise.

However, media outlets would have you believe this story is a love story. Romantic. Much attention was put on Robert Pattinson and Marion Cotillard when she was still attached. Questions about their pairing. Could he play opposite Cotillard? A dynamic, older woman to the “still tested” Pattinson?

Then Marion was out and Keira was rumored in. The attention on Rob and his wife in Cosmopolis went wild. It became tabloid fodder.

"Let the photoshopping begin!" ~Famous magazine

Ridiculous. Cronenberg movies don’t belong in tabloids. Knightley was quickly out and the casting of Robert Pattinson’s wife was a hot topic for all. Tons of articles were generated from entertainment/gossip sites to film sites to fan sites…all speculating about Rob’s wife.

News breaks today and…..*crickets*.

Fans report and so do the main film sites but everyone else is still pretty silent. Gossip sites might report on it later but likely in a brief way because no one knows Gadon. Had this been a known actress, it would be everywhere by now. And this is why she’s perfect.

Cosmopolis is about ALL the characters in Eric Packer’s day. If you’ve read the story, you might have rolled your eyes at the attention given specifically to Elise. You know what casting I want to know, have been wanting to know? Torval. If you’ve been in the limo from the start, you’ll recall that was an early rumored-casting post. The Torval casting is just as significant as the Elise casting to me (maybe more). He’s with Eric longer than any other character.

Casting a known actress, an established actress, would have been very, very distracting. Media would have continued its speculation about chemistry and tabloids would have photoshopped more pictures of Rob and his “love interest”. All taking away from the film. Giving the film a misleading plot.

Cosmopolis is not a love story.

It’s about one man and his day. His descent (I know that’s been debated ;)). It’s about ALL the people that cross his path on this day.

So thank you, Mr. Cronenberg, for bitchslapping the media. You effectively Nancy Babich’d potential bullshit. This limo is gassed up and we can’t wait for production to start. 🙂

  • Marina H.

    So. Bloody. True.

    Thank you for posting this. I am very excited about Torval too. Can’t wait to see who will be following Eric around the whole movie 🙂

    Cronenberg really knows how to wield the Nancy Babich!

  • So thank you, Mr. Cronenberg, for bitchslapping the media. 🙂 You effectively Nancy Babich’d potential bullshit. This limo is gassed up and we can’t wait for production to start. 🙂

    LMAO!! It’s like someone was sitting in the customized limo saying, “I wonder what this button does?” They found the one that set Tink off. I wouldn’t push it again if I were them. Bravo, Tink!

    • LOL!

      • Kim

        I love it Tinkrbell3…bitchslapping the media/great line. You go girl!
        Tell me as you see it that is what I like no pussy footing around here.
        Strong leaders, where’s that button, want to hear you say it again/ha.
        Who’s left/how many?

  • Great Post .. Thanks !!!!!!!

  • Loisada

    You just tinkerbelled that one right out of the park… Ka-bang!

    Yep, Cronenberg knocked the gossip machine right on its ass. And I think he’ll do the same when the media or over eager fans start harassing his set. Maybe he’s already solved that problem by not filming in NYC. He knows there’s an onslaught headed his way with Rob, but he’s not going to play into it. This is the director that lambasted Weitz for pulling out of his film to do the “blockbuster” WFE. Artistic integrity is high on his list… he hasn’t sold out yet. Which is why I think Rob’s got a really wild roller coaster ahead of him with this one. Limits are going to be pushed, hard.

    Buckling up my seatbelt for this one!

    • LOL i like that…tinkerbelled…

      and Waltz not Weitz…we love the Weitz 😉 And the Waltz…im off topic.

      what are you sayin?! no glimpses of a sleek limo paroling the streets of TO?! impossible! 😉

      • Loisada

        Hell… I really have Weitz on the brain now! That man needs to get off Twitter fast before he ruins me for all other potential husband material. Could he be more generous, witty, respectful, funny, or charming? Smitten….. hard…..

  • EEEEEEEEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *headbutts the tabloids* Awesomeness Tink!

  • robsexme

    You nailed it Tink! Gadon is a perfect fit. “Cronenberg is no fruitcake” true dat
    He definitely knows what he’s doing! Can’t wait to see whose cast as Torval. 🙂

  • rpattzgirl

    Awesome Tink!!!!!! Very well put!

  • Bettybmusing

    All together now “thank you, Mr. Cronenberg, for bitchslapping the media.”
    …..toooooo funny….but so true