Robert Pattinson talks ‘Cosmopolis’ with EmpireOnline

In an exclusive with EmpireOnline, Robert Pattinson talked Cosmopolis, Cronenberg and R ratings.

“I’m just astonished that I’ve been cast. I’d read the script before and thought, ‘Wow, this is insane. But insane and difficult.’ And then, out of nowhere, my agent said, ‘Do you want to do it?’ I’d never thought about working with Cronenberg, but I’ve always loved his movies. It just never came into my head that there would ever be that opportunity.

“Y’know, there are so few auteurs left. The one thing that pisses me off about working in films is when you start a project and then, suddenly, two days before you start, there’s a massive rewrite to make an R-rated movie into something that’s PG-13, and it’s a totally different story. As soon as that line’s been crossed, you know you’re not making a movie anymore. You’re making a…a… fridge magnet. But with people like Cronenberg you know that, no matter what, there will be a movie at the end, and it will be solid and self-contained, and it’s not made for any other reason than it being a movie.”

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  • Red_Hed_Lust

    We think Summit sucks donkey dick too, sweetie!

  • Marina H.

    This movie is gonna be R and we’re gonna LIKE IT!!


  • Kim

    Just chatting about that this am the ratings of movies. The idea is to draw more viewers, more $ right!
    What I’m noticing right now out there/the non expert that I am/is songs have more sex in them than movies.
    What a shame. So the kids can listen to Rihanna, Gaga, etc. but the adults don’t need to see something that is right and beautiful, just the violence. What’s up America? I could do with a bit less violence. Change! I love change, go Robert!

  • rpattzgirl

    You go sweetheart!!! I’m so happy that he’s excited…well he wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t. And he so articulate….

    R rated…woooo!!

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    LOL, making a fridge magnet — what a GREAT description of #Scummit ROFL!!

    Gaawd, Rob + Cronenberg + Giamatti = FTMFW – I cannot wait to see this, going to be fantastic…oh an R-rated Rob? *ded*

    • Kim

      I just saw the fridge magnet too! Laughing at that one right on cue, except there was no script.
      But what is FTMFW? Give me a clue if you can’t say it. Better yet whisper it to me through my computer…..waiting!

      • Swearing is appreciated in the limo and by Eric. 😉 FTMFW is “for the mother fucking win” and I remember fondly asking to have it explained to me too! 🙂

        • Kim

          Thanks, laughing again peoples.
          PS. The rotating images are magnetic/love it.

        • Swearing is winning in the limo. I feel such freedoms being able to talk about bottlefucking and bitchslapping and bullshit in posts 😉

          • Kim


  • Great article. Thanks Deb! <3

    • Deb24601

      *waves to RCC* I love hearing Rob talk so enthusiastically about Cosmopolis.

      • I love Rob. I love hearing Rob. I love hearing Rob talk. I love hearing Rob talk enthusiastically. I love hearing Rob talk enthusiastically about Cosmopolis. All great points, Deb!

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