ARTICLES: Robert Pattinson talks ‘Cosmopolis’ during ‘Water for Elephants’ promo

Robert Pattinson has been doing the rounds lately to promote his next film, Water for Elephants. Lucky for us, he’s enjoyed dropping some juicy bits about Cosmopolis. The man is excited to get in the limo! So are we 😉

wallpaper by DreamySim

In an interview conducted in February 2011, Rob spoke to Vanity Fair (Italy) about Cosmopolis:

Q: It only took a month? (Tink: referring to working out for Breaking Dawn)

A: “ Yes, and I couldn’t take more of it. But you forget about Cosmopolis (from DeLillo novel, directed by David Cronenberg) there are going to be even more sex scene. One of those happens while a girl is shooting me with a taser gun. Crazy.”

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Did Rob know we were dream-casting Kendra today?? 😉 Go vote on your pick for our taser-totin’ bodyguard.

Cosmopolis was mentioned again in Empire magazine. We posted the tease of the interview yesterday but here is the entire Cosmopolis mention:

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  • Kim

    I don’t remember all that tasering? Must look back. Nice paper to DreamySim.

  • Loisada

    Rob is so right about Audiard and I can’t say how happy I am to know he admires A Prophet. This man is such a cinephile with fantastic taste and understanding of this art. I don’t think Summit is ever going to fully appreciate how outrageously lucky they were to lure him into the Twilight franchise. He stumbled into a mess but they stumbled onto a one-of-a-kind star. Thank god Cronenberg has come along to help pull him back out of the wasteland onto higher ground! It can’t come too fucking soon…

    • Kim

      Nicely put!