POLL: We’re Dream Casting Kendra Hays. Get in the Limo

UPDATE: This was a close race too! Zoe Saldana is your choice for Kendra Hays!

Now… who should we dream cast next?

There has been lots of exciting Cosmopolis casting news lately. We’ve had announcements for the roles of Elise Shifrin, Vija KinskiDidi Fancher, the Pastry Assassin and Benno.  *clears throat* In case you missed… Robert Pattinson will be playing Eric Packer. No, no, it’s true. 😉 We’re going to have to rush with the rest of the “dream casting” or else we’ll run out of time! So, next up, the much requested…. Kendra Hays. A little refresher on this small, but important, part.

She had coral brown skin and well-defined cheekbones. There was a beeswax sheen to her lips. She liked to be looked at and made the act of undressing seem proudly public, an unveiling across national borders with an element of slightly showy defiance.


She wore her ZyloFlex body armor while they had sex. This was his idea. She told him the ballistic fiber was the lightest and softest available, and the strongest as well, and also stab-resistant.
Her name was Kendra Hays and she was easy in his presence. They mock-boxed for about a second and a half. He licked her body here and there, leaving fizzes of spittle behind.

“You work out,” she said.

“Six percent body fat.” ~from Cosmopolis

It’s a great passage and there’s so much more foreshadowing. Rereading that section gave me a few ‘aha’ moments.  It starts on page 111 of the paperback copy, right at the start of Part 2. You guys sent us some great choices and the chauffeurs, always opinionated, added their own. Have at it!  

 Choices after the jump!


Rashida Jones



Taraji P. Henson
Kerry Washington
Zoe Saldana
Rosario Dawson
Aisha Tyler


There you have it. Make your choice and then leave your thoughts in the comments. We’ll wrap the voting up by Friday. Who should we dream cast next?? 😉

  • Amy

    Rosario Dawson, I’d be willing to do favors to see this happen…..maybe even sexual ones.

  • Suziekew

    6% body fat huh…now where have I heard this before? Oh yes, that would be Rob talking about how he needed to get down to exactly that level for Cosmopolis in a recent interview. Matching fitness levels for some hawt scenes together, is that what you’re thinking Rob? I gotta mind like a steel strap when it comes to Rob disclosure from the source.

    *bounces off to play Fall Down*

  • rpattzgirl

    I would love to see Rosario Dawson…they were supposed to be in another movie together at one time that Rob was unable to do if I remember correctly….

    • part per billion was the name i think. with dennis hopper too. rob talked about it in 08.

  • Was there an age attached to this character?

    • That’s what I’d like to know too.
      *looks at Deb & taps foot* LOL 🙂

    • i didnt find one going back to read about her character.

    • No age is mentioned specifically. Guesstimating… I’d say 25-35. We know Eric isn’t limiting himself age-wise anyway… 😉

  • From the moment I read Kendras part I pictured Kerry and Robert. I thought about some comments douchelord John Mayer made about how sexy and crazy he thought she was. Plus pictures of her dazzled by Cannes Rob popped in my head. 🙂

    Rosario would be great too but Kerry has the more toned physique IMO. I can see Kerry with that tazor!

  • Marina H.

    *chants* Zoe. Zoe. Zoe.

    The most important thing about Kendra is that visual with her standing by the window and the sun on her skin. Eric in bed telling her to move over…

    HOT DAYUM!!!

  • my vote is for rosario. i also like minka kelly for the part. 😉

  • MPV

    I voted for Zoe, because Ilike her since she was one in the cast of the first POTC film, and she had done a great career so far with Star Trek and Avatar.. I imagined her as Kendra when I read the book, but Rosarion would be great too.. I liked her in Seven Pounds with Will Smith, though she was not playing her most sexy role in it, at all!! but she was at her best there.. she would be nice as Kendra too

  • Janners

    None of them! I like Kat Graham from Vampire Diaries.


  • Kim

    I voted for Rosario. Think skin tone(like Marina said by the window) and eyes that command, right, cause she ‘s the guard.

  • Bettybmusing

    Zoe Saldana she owns her characters.

  • Voted! 🙂 Zoe

  • LTavares2011

    Kerry Washington would be my choice. She was great with James McAvoy in The Last King of Scotland. She is beautiful, sexy, sweet and strong at the same time as I imagine Kendra.

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  • cassandra

    vin diesel and taraji p henson