INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, and Christoph Waltz talk Water for Elephants


  • Cati

    It’s so nice to see christoph 🙂

  • Rob Pattinson adorable

  • Amazing interview with Jake. He was able to really get Christoph to open up about his perspectives and that’s something no one has accomplished thus far. 😀 Very impressed

  • Victoria

    Such a great compilation of interviews. I really liked what Christoph Waltz had to say about his character August and his role as the villain. Tai was too cute at the beginning flapping her ears.

  • Elizabeth

    Fabulous interview!

  • Deborah Lazaroff

    I liked the young man who conducted the interviews. He was especially astute in his interview with Christoph. Where does he normally appear?

  • Deborah Lazaroff

    I forgot to add that I absolutely LOVE Tai. I’m as excited about seeing her in this film as I am about seeing Christoph! Having lived in India and Ceylon as a child, I really learned to love Asian elephants. They’re beautiful, intelligent, dignified creatures, and from all I’ve seen and read about her, Tai is a magnificent representative of her species!