NEW Video: Robert Pattinson Answers Questions About “Water For Elephants”

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  • You’re right. That is adorable!

    I love how Tai creeps a little closer to him while he’s talking to the reporter. When Rob patted her on the trunk as he was leaving, I couldn’t help but notice where her trunk strayed 😉

    Fun to see Dean waving and smiling too.

  • This ^^^ 🙂 <3

  • How cute is this?!!

  • mel

    Haha…i think Dean is bff’s with Tai’s trainer.

    Rob is such a sweetheart, but he looks so tired. Wonder if he had to do the BD shoot the day before until 6AM, too. He probably got no sleep at all before yesterday’s press. Hope he was able to rest up before his long day today.

  • rpattzgirl

    You’re right, she does hug herself, puts her trunk around her leg…awww, she misses Rob’s touch…