PHOTO: Christoph and Tai

Updated: A kiss from an angel. Melts my heart!

thx to RPLife for tweeting this!

From our affiliate and friends at Christoph Waltz Fans, finally, a photo of Christoph and Tai! Presh!

  • No offense to Rob or Reese but I think Tai was Christoph’s favorite co-star ;-).

    • That stands to figure because CW is an ANIMAL to begin with, LOLOLOLOLOL

  • rob’s smile

    I didn’t find Christoph handsome last year but when I saw some interviews with him, everything changed! Just like what happened with Rob some two years ago 🙂 We’re all so lucky to have really good actors in this film yay!

  • Christoph’s personality is magnetizing, it’s what drew me in more so than his handsome looks.. he just has this presence and charisma about him that is hypnotic.

    We <3 H2OforElephants!!!! <3 <3 Team Rosie Girls

  • Look how handsome our guy looks 🙂 And yes, he does have this magnetism that attracts both animals and women 😉