VIDEO: Reese Witherspoon talks Water for Elephants love scene with a sickly Rob

[vodpod id=Video.5912300&w=425&h=350&]

  • twimom

    That’s hilarious! RP and Reese Witherspoon are two of the most warm and genuine people in the movie industry. How refreshing they are. They are the type of people I like to go to see a movie for.

    Caught them on the ACM award show; good show. Can RP be any more of a “cutie pie”??!!!

  • Elizabeth

    I can think of worse things to do than kiss a sick Rob. I mean she had to tell her new husband something like this…

  • rpartzgirl

    Sick or not he kisses would be as sweet and hot as ever…
    Poor baby…he must have been sick in BD too since he went straight from one set to another…
    And I agree, they are both so sweet & genuine

  • I love watching Reese’s and Rob’s interactions. #nicest.people 🙂