VIDEO: Robert Pattinson interview with Associated Press *New Scenes*

I love this interview! 🙂


  • Me too Deb! 🙂 <3

  • roblover

    Me too Deb.

  • I loved the book “Water for Elephants” and I can’t think of any other actor that would have filled the roles of Jacob, Marlena and August more than Robert Pattinson, Reece Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz. For example, its as though the writer of “Water for Elephants”, Sara Gruen, knew Robert Pattinson personally and used him as a model for the character and personality in the person of Jacob when she wrote her book. But, of course, she didn’t because the book wasn’t published until 2007, and she had started writing the book long before it was published so she could not have used him as a model for her character, Jacob. I can’t wait to see it. Its a great story and I adore Robert Pattinson!