VIDEO: ‘Bel Ami’ in November According to Natalia Tena

Natalia Tena talks to MTV about getting naughty with her buddy Robert Pattinson while filming Bel Ami, and says the movie is coming out in November. The question is – in theatres or straight to DVD? We need more details!

  • Can’t watch video on cell, but at least that’s some news I guess. It wasn’t that long ago though that Rob said he didn’t know when it would be released. Hard to believe that they may cave and send it straight to DVD 🙁

  • mel

    I would rather it went straight to DVD than be cut to pieces to get it through the censors at a lower rating. What is going on with the producers of this film….. both respected Theatre Directors – definitely not what I would call mainstream – but indie – maybe its the films backers rather than the studio which is putting the pressure on. This movie would be so good for showing a different side of Rob. Lets hope it goes through. That would be an interesting question to put to him – about the politics of getting a film to screen without compromising its integrity – should have been an Exec prod on it Rob!

  • Oh I like this girl! They must have had a blast filming BA. 🙂
    I had no idea when BA was coming. #mental.note

  • Red_Hed_Lust

    I like this chick and am thrilled to hear a potential release date but I can’t believe that anybody in their right mind would even consider sending any movie starring Robert Pattinson straight to DVD in 2011. Obviously it can’t bank like Twilight or even WFE but there HAS to be money to be made in theaters.

    • leahreallyitis

      in reply to Red Hed Lust well thats true BUT the thing is the producers of the movie are “worried” about alienating the fans so my question is WHY THE HELL DID THEY CAST HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE they cast someone super BEAUTIFUL they cast someone talented they cast someone that was BORN to play this role SO again WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM?! and FYI to the producers of this movie ARE THEY REAL FKING SLOW OR ARE THEY JUST REALLY STUPID?! incase they have’nt noticed US WOMEN love and adore him! he is NOT a fking teen idiol he is an actor!!! he is NOT Edward he is Robert Pattinson and what really frosts my ass is the fact that NO ONE(but us!) can get past the “Edward image” we all have moved on we all are looking forward to seeing him in more mature roles/movie projects I know BD is not out yet but I am looking to the future of seeing Rob in different movie projects so again to the producers: GET.OVER.IT!!!

  • LJS

    I’ve seen Rob do nice (several times), I want to see Rob’s acting chops and play a dick. I can’t even believe this is an issue. They aren’t giving their audience any credit whatsoever.

  • Marie

    This HAS to go to theatre!!!
    We WANT to see Rob in this role. Duh!
    I like WFE story line more, but I want to see Bel Ami MORE than
    I want to see WFE. Because I want to see this side of Rob. *Wink!

  • pirahscorpion

    i don’t know about theatrical or DVD release but this movie definitly will be shown at either cannes or venice FF before november..and if it would be than it’ll be found online soon after… ATLEAST..people can watch there! no need to wait till november!

  • Kim

    I honestly don’t think it will go straight to DVD. We got a recent announcement that it would maybe be released on Octobre 19th in France. The date might be pushed again, but it’s definitely going to theaters. I think the main problem might be to find a good release date which might give the film a chance, and might also not be too close to the release of Breaking Dawn. The success of Water for Elephants might help it, even if it’s a totally different genre of course, but it’s doing really well and it proves that Rob does have can attract filmgoers in non-Twilight films. I wonder if it might not be pushed till December or even till early 2012. Why not?

  • Karen

    It’s not at Cannes and I thought for sure it would go. What are they doing? Berlin didn’t have it. It may go straight to dvd. Shouldn’t there be talk or something by now? It’s so frustrating!!! Rob doesn’t even know the status.

  • So according to It is being released in Sept. in Denmark. Got any more info on the States?