PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson and Tai ham it up for cameras during Water for Elephants press junket

More pics of Robert Pattinson and Tai during the Water for Elephants press junket. Click HERE to view previous images.

Rob is looking for jelly beans ;)

Click HERE to view new images of Rob from the press conference on RPLife.

  • Love him!! Cannot wait to see him in this movie.

  • Bettybmusing

    Tai: Rob,what happen to my jellybeans ?

    Rob: i sent Dean to get them, I think I see him.

    Tai: mmmmm nice I think I’ll just trunk on over there. Ha ha ha ,trunk on over, get it ? Never mind.

    I can’t to see this movie:)

  • Bettybmusing

    Revised : I can’t wait to see this movie. Everything seem so grand and magical.

  • Fyed

    koham cie