CASTING: Kevin Durand, Emily Hampshire, and Patricia McKenzie Hop In the limo

Just when we thought the limo couldn’t get more crowded, we have three VERY important players joining us!  The much anticipated (and polled) roles of Jane Melman and Torval have been cast!  On the official Cosmopolis website, Emily Hampshire and Kevin Durand take on the important roles and we are SO happy to have faces to our favorite characters.  Patricia McKenzie’s role remains unnamed, but our bets are on Kendra, what do you think?

All three actors hail from Canada and are relatively unknown.  Last year Emily and Patricia stared together in the thriller Die. Kevin Durand has most recently appeared in I Am Number Four and starred last year as Little John in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood.

Unfortunately none of these new limo-riders were featured in our polls, but they fit the bill quite nicely don’t you think?

So here’s the question…  Can Emily grip a water bottle?  Can Kevin say, “Nancy Babich” with authority?  Can Patricia use a taser with feeling?  All signs point to YES!  Share your thoughts down below and make some room for our new limo riders!

Be sure to check out the official Cosmopolis website to see the newly updated cast page.  The site has also been updated to show that Jay Baruchel is confirmed as Eric’s Chief of Technology, Shiner.

Thanks to Cosmopolis Blog for the tip!