It charts: The limo gets a special wave from Caitlin Cronenberg

I’m just cruising along in the limo and got a tweet last night that certainly caught my eye:

What a cool compliment! Know what’s even cooler? Caitlin Cronenberg isn’t a coincidental Cronenberg. She’s David Cronenberg’s daughter. *swerves the limo*

In terms of what involvement she’ll have in Cosmopolis, my guess is based on her current film credentials. She will likely be the still photographer. David Cronenberg works with a tight knit crew and it’s not unusual for him to have family on board for his films. Caitlin is a wonderful photographer. Check out this captivating black and white shot:

photo credit: Caitlin Cronenberg

You MUST visit her website and hang out for a bit in her portfolios. I liked seeing her “eye”. It got me thinking….thinking about stills…stills for Cosmopolis. And I went spastic. Spastic in the limo! I had to pull over. 😉

Get spastic with me and Check out Caitlin on the ‘nets:


Thanks again for the compliment, Caitlin! Can’t wait to see your work. 🙂

  • suziekew

    Well how cool is that? I love it when these hard-working and supportive ladies get some recognition? Caitlin does indeed seem to be a very talented photographer – can only be positive for Cosmopolis. Cast is really coming together, starting to get quite excited for this movie to start shooting in my home town *twirls*

  • mpersonalheroin

    I just Notice your Banner .. its AWESOME …Love your banner

  • suziekew

    doh, and of course that ? was supposed to be a ! cell phone keyboard-itis strikes again

  • DebbieCDC (aka Seattle Chik)

    Obviously talent runs in the Cronenberg family!!

  • robsexme

    Woah! That’s very cool! This blog is awesomeness & full of great info… so no wonder she likes it. I’ll definitely check out her portfolio. Love how all of this is taking shape! 🙂

  • Bettybmusing

    This is great news Tink … you work so hard on this site and others to keep us informed about Robert’s ongoing and upcoming projects. Thank you

  • Very cool! 🙂 I checked Caitlin’s pics and there are fabulous.

  • Thanks for the compliments guys! The limo is fun and I’m glad she felt we were doing a good job.

    • Kim

      Kudos tinkrbell3 !
      Yes it is fun and getting used to all these limo rides is spoiling me!

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