ARTICLE: Robert Pattinson about Cosmopolis: “C’est vraiment excitant.”/”It’s really exciting.”

Robert Pattinson spoke to Madame Figaro magazine recently for Water for Elephants but that didn’t stop Cosmopolis from entering the conversation. Here is the excerpt in English (google translation) and the original form, French:


English translation

What is the project that you currently taking to heart?
Well, one morning the phone rang and it was David Cronenberg on the line. He offered me to play in his next film, Cosmopolis. It was almost as if Hitchcock sought me. Cronenberg is a great director. The good news is then accumulated: Juliette Binoche give me the reply, and also the director-actor French very talented, Mathieu Amalric. The icing on the cake, it is an adaptation from a novel by Don DeLillo, one of my favorite authors. The role is very hard, a crazy day in the life of a millionaire whose life is turned upside down in twenty-four hours. I’m trying to turn it, it’s really exciting.

French version

Quel est le projet qui vous tient actuellement à coeur ?
Eh bien, un matin, le téléphone a sonné et c’était David Cronenberg au bout du fil. Il me proposait de jouer dans son prochain film, Cosmopolis. C’était un peu comme si Hitchcock me sollicitait. Cronenberg est un immense metteur en scène. Les bonnes nouvelles se sont ensuite accumulées : Juliette Binoche me donnerait la réplique, et aussi ce réalisateur-acteur français très doué, Mathieu Amalric. Cerise sur le gâteau, il s’agit de l’adaptation d’un roman de Don DeLillo, un de mes auteurs préférés. Le rôle est très dur, une folle journée dans la vie d’un millionnaire dont la vie va basculer en vingt-quatre heures. Je suis en train de le tourner, c’est vraiment excitant.

Love love love how excited Rob is for Cosmopolis and we had the opportunity to read and hear so many great comments from him during WFE promo. If that movie wasn’t coming out, we would have had to wait awhile. 🙂

Click HERE if you’d like to read the whole article and view more scans.

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  • Bettybmusing

    How does the international mags covers tend to capture the true essence of Rob’s sex-appeal ? Anyway keep the Robdazzle coming Tink:)

  • MPV

    wow, that cover is so good!!
    and he really sounds excited about the film, it is great he gets to do something he seems to like so much

  • Dalva

    Somehow managed get pass the cover and read the interview 🙂 so cool that he mentions Houellebecq, whose characters, although not exactly master-of-universe types, are in some ways extremely similar to Eric……longing for feeling but somehow too numb to do anything about it because the time ends everything, they’ll die and the world will disappear.
    I should probably find discuss-the-book section and elaborate some more on this, but as I’ve only recently been twilighted and robectrecuted and am still “finding my way” hope you won’t mind my posting the comment here.
    Thank you very much, absolutely can’t wait for the movie!!! *waves, smiling, to the limo passing by*