Official Water for Elephants website gets remodeled!

The official Water for Elephants website has a brand new look! Images, videos, character descriptions, and more. Click HERE to visit this ‘spectacular’ development!

cap of the NEW website! :)

ALSO! Midnight tickets are currently on sale in several theaters. Check your local theaters and go tot he midnight shows! Let’s sell out some theaters! 🙂

But WAIT! There’s more 😉

A new still was released and we added it to our Official Stills gallery. Click HERE to visit.

So many goodies!!!!

  • The site looks Beautiful!!!

    And the new photo of Christoph…OMG!!! *dead*

  • somanywards

    thank you*


  • Just re-watched some of the trailers on there and … wow! 🙂

  • leahreallyitis

    I WISH hey had a WFE movie companion book like they do with the Saga 🙂