VIDEO: Fantastic interview with ‘Water for Elephants editor @AlanEBell

Some great insights into the process of making ‘Water for Elephants!  


  • Elizabeth

    It sounds like they got the right film editor. As his crying 8 pages into the script, I had the same reaction early on while reading the book.

  • durtyrob4ever

    I so can’t wait for this movie! I was going to NYC for the premier but my 24 year old daughter, who is bi-polar, had a melt down when her newlywed husband left for boot camp in February. She was going to go with me, but she had to be hospitalized. She is in a hospital in Atlanta, but left yesterday to go with her in-laws to see her husband graduate from boot camp. RL really sucks right now but please promise to take lots of pictures and video of Rob and the others!! Will be thinking of how lucky that you Deb, Tink, and the others are to experience it firsthand! Nice interview and I loved the guy who was wearing the t-shirt that said “No grits,no glory!” Grits, it’s a Southern Thang!!

  • That was very interesting … thanks for sharing Deb! <3
    Lovely man … seems to have his heart & head in the right place. 🙂
    Can't wait!