RECAP: Water for Elephants in Berlin, Germany, next stop Paris!

What a whirlwind day! Robert Pattinson touched down yesterday and ich bin ein berliner!

We already posted several pictures from the Water for Elephants photocall including the press conference video. Dashing as ever, Francis Lawrence, Rob, and Christoph Waltz were in the house.

Francis Lawrence, Robert Pattinson, and Christoph Waltz

Click HERE to view more pics from the photocall

Washington Post has a quick article covering the press conference as well. Click HERE to read.

I don’t know German but I suspect this cute video of Rob and Christoph is having fun with our WFE guys.

The red carpet was a treat with Rob and Christoph shining brightly. We covered inital tweets and know fan pics will pop up as well as interviews with Francis, Rob, and Christoph.

They're so handsome!

Reese and Tai couldn’t be there but they still had their presence known 😉

Click HERE to view more images from the red carpet

Rob waved to fans on the balcony of the theater:

Before the movie, there was a quick Q&A with Francis, Rob and Christoph inside the theater:

Good audio

Closer video of Rob

Rob hit up the WFE after party in Berlin before calling it a night.

Click HERE to view more after party pics.

We’ll post interviews as we get them but what a day! Guess what? We do it again tomorrow in Paris! 🙂

Reese arrived this morning:

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The red carpet is already getting set up 😉

"Grand Rex now preparing for red carpet tomorrow"

See you then!

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    Holy Smokes…he’s hot!!!

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    I can’t believe he lied about the clown! LMFAO!!!

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    Omg I love him his so hot its unreal I can’t believe it ! I’m in love xxx