PHOTOS: Reese, Rob, Christoph, & Francis during Water for Elephants Barcelona premiere photocall

HQ images of Francis Lawrence with the cast of Water for Elephants during the Barcelona premiere event.


  • Linda

    My friends and I saw WFE on opening day….We are going again…Such a stunning movie…this time I will remember to breathe…:)

    I love reading all the posts from all the places where WFE is opening…you almost
    feel like you are there….I wish we were…:)

  • Ripley

    I’ve seen WFE twice. The first time I just stared at Rob. I’m an avid movie goer (and critic – only to myself) so I’m having a hard time enjoying this movie. It’s like Rob has a spell over me. I can’t fully concentrate on the plot, I’m only watching him.

    • Bettybmusing

      Truly I understand… LOL 🙂

  • Sus

    Does Reese possibly have a little baby bump?