PHOTOS & TWEETS: ‘Water for Elephants Press Conference in Barcelona

As promised, we’re still adding! Scroll down for press conference videos. 🙂
The circus set up!
Rob arrives!!/RobPattzNews/status/65040748722139137

Photos! Get your red-hot photos!!! Oodles more photos at Robert Pattinson News.

We’ll be updating as more photos and maybe audio *crosses fingers* becomes available. 🙂

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  • beautiful Rob pattinson

  • Bettybmusing

    Handsome, sweet, delightful and a great sense of humor that our RP.

    Btw I love that first pic 🙂

  • rpattzgirl

    So gorgeous!!! I can’t believe how quickly his hair is growing out!!

  • DebbieCDC


    And Resse – GREAT dress and shoes – she has looked like a million bucks through this whole promo tour.

  • roblover

    One of God’s beautiful creations-Robert Pattinson.