RED CARPET: ‘Water for Elephants’ premiere in London, England

We’re still adding! Scroll down for newer photos and videos! 🙂

YAY!!! Water for Elephants is premiering today in Robert Pattinson’s hometown of London!! Fans have been lined up since Sunday and the set up is beautiful. We’ll update this page with tweets and photos as they come in. This is our master post so refresh often. 🙂

The set up at Westfield Mall.

The links in the tweets work so if you want to see the photos click away! 🙂



Rob and Reese!!/LenaStew17/status/65467068195155969!/LenaStew17/status/65469112041738240


Fantastic video from WestfieldLondonOnTV  A little bit of everything here; atmosphere, the performers, the fans and Rob, Reese and Christoph! Bonus: Rob tells a joke! (I don’t get it… LOL anyway 😉 )

Gorgeous HQ photos are rolling in. Here’s a few of our favourites.

Lots more over at

Fan video: Rob signing for fans in London. You’re going to want to turn the volume down… or off 😉

Red Carpet interview with Rob, Reese and Francis Lawrence from Press Association

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  • Linda

    He is one sharp-dressed man! I want to see him standing on that stage!

  • Cynthia

    He is with that “I-know-I’m-hot-as-hell” kinda face xD love it!

  • Linda

    I LOVE the pictures of Rob and Reese – always laughing and enjoying each others company. I hope they remain friends!